Salire sul Duomo di Milano - La Madonnina, simbolo della città meneghina

10 alternative things to do in Milan … Plus one!

Today I’ll be telling you a bit ‘of things to do in Milan and this city, now you have understood it, I like it, despite its contradictions.

There are many things to do in Milan, some of them are very “classical”, others are more alternative. Today I’d like to focus on the last ones and tell you what you can do in Milan out of the classical tours. So below you can find my personal 10 things to do in Milan, plus one! 🙂 Enjoy!

[cml_media_alt id='5363']Salire sul Duomo di Milano - Particolari delle raffinate guglie del Duomo[/cml_media_alt]
What to see in Milan – the Cathedral

What must see in Milan: The Last Supper by Leonardo

Let’s start from here, from the “Last Supper” (the “Ultima Cena” in Italian). This painting is very famous and represents the Last Supper of Jesus according to Leonardo da Vinci. Many tourists are discouraged by seeing this amazing painting by the need to book well in advance. But, believe me, if you are thinking of spending a weekend in Milan you have to go there!

The Last Supper is located next to the church named “Santa Maria delle Grazieand you can get there by subway (Stop: Cadorna). Please remember that reservations are mandatory and you should make it quite some time prior to your visit, especially if you plan to go to Milan during the weekend. On the official website you can choose to book a ticket only for the “Cenacolo Vinciano” (this is the name in Italian) or also combine your visit to the Art Museum called “Pinacoteca di Brera“, another must to see in Milan.

Shopping in Milan: Sinigaglia Market

Milan is known throughout the world for fashion and shopping. But if after a tour around “Monte Napoleone” Street and “Della Spiga” Street you’ll be scared by crazy prices and looking for something to buy at affordable prices a good idea is to spend a few hours at the  Sinigaglia Market (“Fiera di Sinigaglia” in Italian!).

The Sinigaglia Market is the oldest and largest “flea market” of Milan and that takes place every Saturday in the area of ​​the “Naviglio Grande” since 1800. This alone would be a good reason to put this stop amongh the things to do in Milan! There you’ll find everything: old records, vintage clothing, old books, collector coins, pieces of furniture … So go to the Sinigaglia Market may be an idea to buy a few souvenirs at reasonable prices, as well as to live an authentic experience in Milan!

Eating in Milan: a dinner in Italian Style

Milan is full of restaurants and it will be easy find a restaurant that you’d love! So if you like italian cuisin you can simply decide your budget and be prepare to eat well! 🙂
But if you are curious and you’d like a dinner in real italian style a nice idea is the possibility to be hosted for a dinner from an Italian family. This is an alternative experience to do in Milan, for sure a different way to understand the culture and, why not, also make new frinendship.

If you like to try the experience to have a dinner with locals in Milan you can simply book by the official website called “With Locals”. The proposals (and prices) are different, you could choose what is you preference and … enjoy your meal! I can assure you that is a nice new way to have a dinner with locals in Italian style!

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Things to do in Milan – Skyline

What to do in Milan: Dialogue in the Dark

This exhibition has become part of the city more than 10 years ago and I think it’s one of the things to do in Milan, even if you are just spend some days here as tourists. This is a way to understand how is the life of blind people and is very exciting. “Dialogue in the Dark” is housed in the Institute for the Blind in San Babila area (the closest subway stops are San Babila and Palestro).

There you can take part to the “Dark Path” (a path where you’ll be completely blinded and guided  in the dark) and also participate in the “Dinner in the Dark” or have aperitifs. In order to participate to the Dialogue in the Dark initiatives you must book on this official website. There is the possibility to do the tour in foreign languages.

Visit a piece of Milan’s history: The Track 21

There is a part in the history of Milan which hurts to remember. It is the story of the deportation of thousands of Jews and political prisoners who, during World War II, were deported to concentration camps starting from the Milan Central Railway Station.
Today where they were prepared and loaded those trains departing to the horror it was buit the Milan Shoah Memorial (in Italian “Binario 21”), in an area of ​​the Central Station located below the ordinary railway tracks. The aim of this Memorial is to keep alive the memory of all those who from the concentration camps never came back, so that horror will not repeated. The visit to the Track 21 is also possible without reservation but for more details I recommend you check the official website of the Memorial of the Shoah.

[cml_media_alt id='5364']Salire sul Duomo di Milano - Vista su Piazza Duomo[/cml_media_alt]
What to do in Milan

See Milan from above: The Terraces of the Duomo

Usually all the tourists that are visiting Milan plans to go to see the Cathedral (“Duomo” in Italian), one of the city symbols, but not all lead up to the terraces. To see Milan from above the Cathedral, however, it is an experience that I think is absolutely to be included among the things to do in Milan. In this case it is not necessary to book but remember, if you are traveling with small children or you have any problem walking, you buy a ticket which includes the climb with the elevator. It costs a little ‘more, but will save you a lot of effort!

Discover an unusual Milan: the Monumental Cemetery

If you love art, history and photographs you’d stay at Monumental Cemetery for hours. Many do not consider a cemetery worthy of being included among the things to see in Milan, but the Monumental Cemetery is a fantastic open-air museum, where you can see beautiful works of art and where you can learn the history of this city.

The Monumental Cemetery is located close to Milan Garibaldi Train Station, you can get there by tram or by subway (Subway stops: Monumentale or Garibaldi). At the entrance you can ask for a free map and get information about works of art not to be missed.

[cml_media_alt id='5952']I navigli di Milano - La grande Darsena[/cml_media_alt]
Visit Milan

What to see in Milan: A boat trip

Milan’s Navigli are ancient canals part of the city’s history. The whole area of ​​Navigli woth to be seen if you are planning a weekend in Milan, with its restaurant and trendy clubs, with New Dock, the “Vicolo dei Lavandai” and the Metropolitan Market. The market in particular is the perfect stop for a gourmet snack with low price in Milan (in Italian “Mercato Metropolitano“).

But if you are curious to see Milan from a different perspective a good idea is to take part in one of the boat tours on the canals that run through the ancient waterways of the city. The routes are different and leaves from the “Naviglio Grande” in the area of “​​Porta Ticinese” Train Station. If you want to check timetables and costs you should go directly to the site of the “Navigli Lombardi“. Please remeber that the boats run only during certain times of the year.

Things to do in Milan for art lovers: La Triennale

Among the things to see in Milan, especially if you love Art, there is in my opinion the “La Triennale“. This is one of the most charming places in Milan, not only for exhibitions and performances that are hosted there, but also because of the place itself and what it has meant to the city.

This museum is part of the city  and I think it’s worth to be put into an itinerary to visit Milan, even if you have only few days. This museum is easily reached by public transportation (Metro Stop: Cadorna-Triennale, Green line) and is open every day except Monday.

What to do in Milan: a run on an ancient tram

The trams are part of the city. Although the metro is faster and easier, especially if you are tourists, I think that take one of the old trams that still circulate trought streets, with their wooden benches, is really a fanny experience during a weekend in Milan.

But if you’re looking for a truly unique experience in your weekend in Milan you can also book a special evening with a dinner on board one of the historic trams. This is perfect for a special day and you have to book in advance, directly on the website of ‘ ATM Company.

[cml_media_alt id='6110']La Triennale di Milano - Arts and Foods - Carosello[/cml_media_alt]
La Triennale di Milano – Arts and Foods – Carosello

Live an Italian experience in Milan: The Trotting Race Course

Another glimpse of the city that I recommend you include in your itinerary in Milan is the Hippodrome Trot San Siro (in Italian: “Ippodromo del Trotto di San Siro“). This is a sort of institution in Milan, attended, today as yesterday, by horse lovers and gamblers. But do not imagine the Hippodrome of San Siro as a sad place, indeed, a Sunday spent there with the kids can be really very pleasant.
The San Siro Race Course can be reached by public transportation: The nearest subway station is Uruguay while you’ll have to take the tram 69 and get off in “Ugo Betti Street“.

So far our advice on things to do in Milan in a weekend. We tried to tell you a Milan a little ‘unusual, in some ways outside the usual tourist routes. But if you’re looking for more information to visit Milano with children can also peek in this article, that will tell you some more classic tracks and this one. Simply follow the links and … Have a amazing weekend in Milan! 🙂

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