A holiday in the Langhe: things to do

Today we give you some tips about a holiday in the Langhe with also some things to so with kids because this region is one of the place where we spent more time together with our little son. The Langhe is a part of Piedmont region, in the North of Italy and we love this place because Roberto is born here. But it isn’t hard fall in love with this part of Piedmont for its own beauty, its amazing wines, its superb food but also because there are so many things to do in the Langhe and Roero that every time here it’s like the first one.

Today, then, we try to share with you some insights into what to do in Langhe trying to get out of classical itineraries. Ready?

[cml_media_alt id='10833']Panorami delle Langhe[/cml_media_alt]
Langhe landscape

What to do in the Langhe: see the Big Benches

The Big Bench Project has recently become an attraction for the Langhe. It is actually called the Big Bench Community Project and it is a nonprofit initiative promoted by Chris Bangle, American designer, that started this initiative that promotes tourism and local communities.

The first Giant Bench was built in 2010 by Bangle at Clavesana, on the ground of his home but made accessible to visitors. The basic idea is that, sitting on such an outdated bench, the visitor can come back as a child, observing the landscape in front of him with new eyes. A nice thing if you are in the Langhe with kids is buy the giant benches passport and then collect stamps of the benches you visited. The benches built to date are 26 and on the official website you can find more information on the design of the Langhe’s Big Benches. Of course if you are planning a holiday in the Langhe with kids, we suggest you go there! 🙂

[cml_media_alt id='10826']La panchina gigante di Monforte d'Alba[/cml_media_alt]
Monforte d’Alba

What to see in the Langhe: the most beautiful villages

There are so many things to see in the Langhe, from the most beautiful villages, like Barolo, to the inevitable towns, like Alba, that you cannot get bored there. But we like to give some advice on those things to see in the Langhe and Roero that you might not expect. Among the less famous villages in the Langhe we point to you:

  • Bussolasco: It is called “the village of roses” because its streets and houses are adorned by these flowers. It is part of the Mountain Community of the “Alta Langa” (the highest part of the Langhe) and going to see it will allow you to observe a completely different landscape in comparison with Barolo, Barbaresco and other best known villages …
  • Monforte d’Alba: Small and charming, with a center perched on the mountain and a jazz festival that draws many people every year we point out to its Auditorium Horszowski. Here you will also find one of the Langhe Big Benches.
  • Neive and Mango: Of these two delightful villages we have already abundantly spoken in the post you can read by following this link so let’s just say … go there! 🙂
  • Vezza d’Alba: This village is also very small. From here you can take the “Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero” and you will find another of the giant Langhe Benches with a picnic area where to enjoy a sunny day!

What to do in the Langhe: beyond the wine tour

There are other things to do in Langhe: go to the Alba Truffle Fair, visit the cellars, do a wine test tour… But this area can not be reduced to this! So here’s what we try to give you some advice to spend an unforgettable holiday  in the Langhe

  • See a “Palla Pugno” match: Do ​​you know what is this? The “Palla Pugno” is an old game so loved by being even at the Olympics. We suggest you go see a fist ball game in the Langhe: although you probably do not understand much about the game there is a very special atmosphere and above all it is part of this land.
  • Shopping in a market: We suggest you 3 markets to visit in the Langhe and Roero area: Alba‘s market, the smallest market in Canale or the market in Bra.
  • Trekking between Langhe and Roero: Among the things to do in Langhe and Roero there are walks and picnics, whether in the vineyards or between woods and hills. If you are looking for some inspiration for walks in the Roero you can consult the official website of the “Ecomuseo delle Rocche“.
[cml_media_alt id='10832']Monforte d'Alba - vista panoramica dalla panchina[/cml_media_alt]
Monforte d’Alba

Other advice to see the Langhe and the Roero

You will find really many articles dedicated to our holidays in Langhe and Roero, for convenience below we include some with some useful tips to visit the area:

  • Alba: You can not go to the Langhe and do not visit Alba, at least according to us and then go there. In this post you can find some more details.
  • What to do in Langhe and Roero with children: In this post you can find some advice for those who want to visit Langhe and Roero with kids and find some activities to do with them.
  • Good restaurants in the Langhe and Roero: In this post we have gathered some suggestions about what to taste in Langhe and Roero and where.


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