Best things to do in Milan

Milan is one of the main city of Italy. Located in the North, in a region called Lombardy, is a for sure a business city. But there are many things to do in Milan and a lot of attractions that worth a visit. So if you would like to visit Milan with your children, I will try to give you some ideas from my personal point of view.

Top things to do in Milan

In order to visit Milan you should plan at least 3 or 4 days, but if you have only a day to spend here, I suggest you to focus yourself on the citycenter (“Duomo” Cathedral and around) and come back to see the rest next time! Here I will try suggest a tour of MIlan suitable also for kids.

[cml_media_alt id='5211']Milano - Il Duomo[/cml_media_alt]
Things to do in Milan – the Cathedral

Things to see in Milan in a day: a tour

There are many things to do in Milan so you can divide you stay exploring a different area of the city every day. The first day you can enjoy the most classic part of Milan. Get off the subway at the stop “Duomo” and admire the Cathedral of Milan, climb to the top of the Cathedrad (it it call the “Madonnina” statue and it is the golden statue of Virgin Mary located on the Cathedral Terrace). Then visit the “Museo del Duomo” (Cathedral Museum) and the “Cenacolo” ( this is the fresco of the Last Supper  by Leonardo da Vinci, but remember to arrange a visit before!) then stop to the Church named “Santa Maria delle Grazie” and visit the Museum called “Pinacoteca Ambrosiana“. In the same area you can visit also the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele” (Vittorio Emanuele Gallery), the famous “Teatro della Scala” (the main theatre of Milan) and finally the “Museo Poldi Pezzoli” (Poldi Pezzoli Museum)

If you like shopping go to the arcades of “CorsoVittorio Emanuele” and continue till the Church of San Babila. On this avenue you’ll find the Disney Store: a stop just for your kids. Then finish the day in the famous fashion district, to stare in front of the windows of “via Monte Napoleone“.

Places to visit in Milan: churches, arts and museums

If you love arts visit the “Pinacoteca di Brera” (the Art Gallery of Brera). This gallery is very big and it takes you a lot of time. Don’t miss the beautiful “Chiesa di San Ambrogio” (the Church of St. Ambrose is a romanic church) and the close “Università Cattolica” (the Catholic University is one of the oldest university in Milan). Eventually visit also the “Chiesa di San Maurizio” (Church of St. Maurice).

[cml_media_alt id='5213']Milano - La Madonnina[/cml_media_alt]
What to see in Milan: the “Madonnina” Statue

Things to do in Milan with kids

There are many museums for kids in Milan. Below you’ll find dome of them:

  • Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica” (the Museum of Science and Technology)
  • Castello Sforzesco” (Sforzesco Castle): here has beeen activated the initiative named “Sforzinda
  • Museo delle Antiche Arti” (Ancient Art Museum)
  • Museo della Preistoria” (Museum of Prehistory)
  • Museo degli Strumenti Musicali” (Museum of Musical Instruments )
  • MuBa“: This museum is dedicated to kids
  • Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia” (National Museum of science and technology)
  • Museo di Storia Naturale” (Natural History Museum)

Free things to do in Milan

There are a lot of things to do in Milan and many f them are free. For example the majority of the churches in Milan have free admission! Other places to visit in Milan for free are the “Cimitero Monumentale” (the biggest cemetery of the city, plenty of statues and art pieces), the “Biblioteca Braidense” (a public library with ancient books) and the “Casa del Manzoni” (the former house of the famous author Alessandro Manzoni).

If you want to see the other side of Milan go to the Navigli” District.  The Navigli is a distric of Milan caracterized by river and a particular atmosphere. Here there are plenty of restaurants, bar and shops and this is the perfect place where take a break! Also the “Stazione Centrale” (the central station of Milan) is beautiful and a piece of the story of Milan!

[cml_media_alt id='5212']Milano - La casa del Manzoni[/cml_media_alt]
Free things to do in Milan: Manzoni House

Shopping in Milan

Doing shopping is one of the things to do in Milan. Because Milan is also the kingdome of shopping. So also if you don’t have nothing to buy go for a walk to “Corso Buenos Aires” , “Via Torino” (Torino Street) or “San Babila“. Here you can find the most part of the famous but popular fashion brands. If you are looking for something special go to “Via Monte Napoleone and “Via della Spiga“, where are located the most expensive shops. Otherwise you can go to the crowded “Fiera di Senigallia” (Senigallia Fair) a fair where you can buy second hand clothes.

Milan Food

Italian Cuisine in Milan: what to taste?

Here I try to show you a few dishes to try in Milan, obviously influenced by my personal taste. Let’s start with the symbol of winter, the “Cassoula” (a dish made by cabbage and pork) served with “Polenta” (the cornmeal mush) or with the “Oss Buss” (a dish made by calf meat). If you are really hungry try the “Busecca” (do not think about what it is and enjoy it!) . A dishes for all seasons very popular in Milan is the “Risotto Giallo” (rice with saffron prepared with the veal bones) or the “Cotoletta” ( a sort of Wiener Schnitzel as simple as good if prepared properly). You should try also the “Insalata di nervetti” (do not be impressed and taste!) and the “Mondeghili” ( a kind of meatballs … ) And finally, the sweets, the famous “Panettone” (a Christmas sweet ) or  the “Pan de Mei“. Here you can find some ideas for a food tour in Milan.

What to do in Milan with kids

If you are traveling with your family maybe you are looking for something to do in Milan with kids. Here some ideas:

  1. Parco dell’Idroscalo” (“Idroscalo” Park): The “Idroscalo” is an artificial lake called “The sea of ​​Milan”. It is a good way to escape from warmth of the city if you visit Milan in August or … if you simply you miss the sea! In this park you can also go canoeing and sailing and nearby there is also a Luna Park.
  2. A football match at the “Stadio Meazza”: In a city that goes crazy for football go to the stadium to watch a game is an experience. At least if your children are fans of this sport! And remember: there are two football teams in Milan: Milan Football Club and Inter Football Club! 🙂
  3. The Planetarium: Your children are intrigued by the stars? Then go to the Planetarium! I still remember my visit here as a child!

Funny things to do in Milan: look for the bull!

Among the places to visit in Milan there ist the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II” (Vittorio Emanuele Gallery) that is dedicated to a former king of Italy. In the middle of this Gallery there is an emblem depicting a bull on the floor that represents the city of Turin.  Do not be surprised if you see crowds of people make strange evolutions in the center of the gallery… This is one of the curiosity about Milan! In fact, according to a popular custom, it would bring luck to make a full circle with closed eyes with the heel of the right foot resting on the attributes of the animal … 🙂 Just … try! It’s for free!

[cml_media_alt id='4150']A Milano con i bambini: l'immancabile giravolta sul Toro[/cml_media_alt]
Things to do in Milan: looking for the Bull!

What to do in Milan in Christmas Time

Christmas Time in Milan starts on December, 7. In fact 7th and 8th of December are holidays for people who lives in Milan but there are fair, markets and the shops are already decorated for Christmas. During these days the city is empty because peolple who lives in Milan usually try to escape to the first weekend in the snow and you can enjoy Milan! In fact, for the feast of the patron saint of Milan (on 8th of December) every year there are the historical market of “O’bei O’bei” (not far from the Castello Sforzesco”) and the huge “Fiera dell’Artigianato” (a large craft fair located in Fiera Milano City). The “O’bei O’bei” Market is outdoor while the second is indoor, in both you can buy original Christmas gifts. But remember that there is always a great crowd and it’s better have a backpack to store your purchases!

Tips to visit Milan

Where is Milan

Milan is the capital of Lombardy region, in the North of Italy.

How to get Milan

You can get Milan by car, by plane and by train. If you choose to get Milan by car be aware that the traffic jam could be terrible during working hours (over all Monday morning). Milan is well connected with all the main italian cities by train. There are many train stations in Milan: check the trains to “Milano Porta Garibaldi“, “Milano Centrale” and “Milano Cadorna“.

You can get Milano by plane. The closest airport is “Milano Linate”. Other airports are “Milano Malpensa” and “Bergamo – Orio Al Serio” airports. If you land in Malpensa Airport you can get Milano by train or by bus, if you land in Orio Al Serio Airport you can get the “Stazione Centrale” by bus.

Get around Milan

The fastest way to get around in Milan is by subway. Otherwise you can use bus or tram. Of course you can visit Milan by taxi but in my personal opinion is too expensive.

Other things to do close to Milan

If you decide to organize a weekend in Milan you can easily move by train to visit the surroundings. For example during Sprintime I suggest you to spend a day on a lake. From Milan you can get Como Lake, Maggiore Lake and Garda Lake.

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