Biggest theme parks in Italy: Mirabilandia amusement park

Mirabilandia is one of the biggest amusement park in Italy.  This theme park is located in Emilia Romagna Region, not far from the city of Ravenna. Today I try to give you some useful information to those who want to go there with kids because this amusement park is very big and if you plan you visit before you can enjoy it more.

My first suggestion, as the park is really big and crowded, is simple: Plan your visit in advance! Look for the attractions of interest to you and to those games, will be a way to avoid the disappointment of your children in case, for lack of time, you had to jump for amusement, perhaps even the one on which they dreamed of climbing! And then … remember that the second day you can enter in the park for free!

And here are all the other tips grouped “by category” (small, large, family) not forgetting the theme of “practical advice” and “savings” …
I hope will be helpful!

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Mirabilandia Italy – amusement parks

Mirabilandia theme park: attractions for small children

Mirabilandia is a very large park with many attractions for kids of different ages, but obviously not all are good for everyone especially for younger children. On attractions indicates the age required to be verified, but I try to tell my experience about the attractions experienced.

  • Raratonga: this attraction is one of my favorites ever. Basically we get on these small vessels and then … you shoot water over the other teams! I even small children can have fun as hell. Obviouslyin summertime!
  • Reset: This is a setting from New York post apocalypse and the goal is score points by firing a small bright enemies. Fun for everyone, even for children!
  • The Small Rapids: Perfect for young children … but not only! Fun for all wet!
  • Fantasyland: This is the area of Mirabilandia amusement park especially dedicated to the youngest. Here you will find attractions and games “soft” and also a play area where children can play, climbing and running safely while you can rest on the benches in front of there!

Mirabilandia theme park: brave hearts and strong emotions

If in your family there are teenagers and you are looking for strong emotions certainly you will not escape these “must” attractions in Mirabilandia theme park:

  • Katun: you are ready to roll up yourself in a whirlwind of screams “upside down”. Emotion for strong stomachs!
  • iSpeed: ready starting off! When you see the traffic lights turn on you’ll understand that something is going to happen but you do not even have time to finish the thought … you will already “running” at a speed from formula one. Unique, really!
  • Columbia and Discovery: the “Twin Towers” are there to give chills … While you’ll see the bottom up to the sky and then down the other fast and you’ll wonder, “But I have to do?”. Then it’s worth it!
  • Divertical: in addition to the thrill prepared to get wet! I tell you this so you know!
[cml_media_alt id='2128']Mirabilandia[/cml_media_alt]
Mirabilandia Theme Park

Mirabilandia theme park: attractions for the whole family

Mirabilandia amusement park is definitely a fun place for families and especially for children. But families often have children of different ages and then how to combine the demand of a teen ager with those maybe the little brother or sister? Here are some ideas we’ve experienced to make happy all the children with some time together in Mirabilandia Park.

  • Mirabilandi Express: Looking for something for the whole family including babies with a stroller? Here, the train it’s for you … From the top you can see all over the park and it will be really suitable for everyone!
  • The big wheel: the wheel rises slowly and without chills and allows a wonderful view of the park but also on the surrounding area. Suitable for all!
  • Show: In Mirabilandia park you can see show and performances: musical, clowns, choir… Beautiful and exciting for everyone!
  • Police Academy: The spectacle of these stuntmen is incredibly exciting. Their evolutions will impress all, winning the teen-ager more hostile. Fantastic! The only drawback: if you have little children are particularly sensitive to noise could annoy maybe a little ‘…
  • Mira Beach: In addition to the attractions if you want you can buy a ticket for the water park, with slides, umbrellas, swimming pools and white sand …. Perfect for all!
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Mirabilandia Italy

Practical information to go to Mirabilandia with kids

Here is some useful information for those who may be a bit ‘wrong in amusement parks. I am writing because I have all things discovered “on the ground” that I would not forget …

  • Raincoats: bring small waterproof plastic to climb on attractions wetter (and funny). You will be dry!
  • Bags for mobile phones: If you have not at least bring the waterproof plastic bags to put cell phone and camera. Attractions where you bathe are really fun but … maybe some objects do not like water!
  • Beach towels: If you decide to go to Mira Beach also remember to bring a beach towel. They do not rent them.
  • Coins: Close to attractions where you get wet you’ll see more of the funny cabins. Dryers are very useful if you forgot their raincoats. Remember the 2-euro coins to use them!
  • Comfortable shoes: You will walk a lot so choose for the kids (and you) comfortable shoes! And if it’s summer sandals that wet and then dry quickly are perfect!
  • Spare clothes and swim suit: Bring change for the kids if you’re going to get them up on the attractions “wet”. Or if it’s summer make him wear your swim suite.
[cml_media_alt id='4065']Un ingegnere a Mirabilandia[/cml_media_alt]
Mirabilandia Amusement Park – Italy

Mirabilandia Theme Park with the children: how to save money?

When an entire family moves obviously costs are, so here’s a few tricks to save at least a little of money!

  • Family ticket: Verify about costs and how the family ticket. Usually it agrees.
  • Picnic: Mirabilandia offers different areas for picnics. Bring the necessary and will be a great day out all together without spending fortunes for the food!
  • Water supply: Scream (of joy and adrenaline) dry throat and in summer it’s hot. Bring a supply of water for the kids unless you want to spend a fortune in drinks (for the record, the machines cost a bit ‘less …)
  • Second day: The entrance to the park is free on the second day with the same ticket. Good to know … don’t you think?
  • Ticket plus hotel: Check on the website the possibility to buy special combination for tickets and hotel. It’s useful if you decide to stay a whole weekend. The prices are interesting!
  • Camping: not far from Mirabilandia there is a camping, other idea to spend a few days without spending a fortune!
  • Back to Mirabilandia Park: if you plan to return in the months after the exit you will find benches where appropriate, with only 9 Euros, you can buy a ticket for a new input by presenting the day. Attention, BEFORE crossing the exit gates!
  • Avoid the queues: Book tickets on the site if you want to avoid the queues especially during high season.

Mirailandia: hotels close to the amusement park

The second day you can enter in Mirabilandia amusement park for free. So it could be a good idea book an hotel not far from the park! 🙂 Below you can find two hotels we we’ve been during our visit to Mirabilandia:

  • Grand Hotel Mattei: This hotel is located 15 kilometers away from Mirabilandia Park. It is a business hotel with a lot of facilities for children (there are also some rooms in “pirate style”). There is also a wellness area.
  • Unaway Cesena Nord: This hotel is located just outside the highway. The rooms are large and quiet, the breakfast is ok, there is free wifi and a good restaurant just on the corner. There are also family rooms with king size beds available for families.

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