Caorle in Italy: an holiday with kids in Veneto

Caorle, in Italy, is a small and beautiful town located in Eastern Veneto perfect for children.
Its colors and its small historic center fascineted us during our holiday in Veneto and that we decided to stop a few more days just to Caorle.

Today I thought I’d share some useful information with those who want to spend a few days in Caorle with the children.

[cml_media_alt id='4460']I colori di Caorle - Il campanile che domina la cittadina[/cml_media_alt]
Caorle city center

Caorle beach: two sides

Caorle develops from its historical center with two “wings” side – West and East (called “Ponente” and “Levante”) where there are many hotels and – in fact – the beaches.
The beaches here are super-equipped, with walkways that reach the sea, games and bathrooms accessible to those staying on the beach.

The sea is calm and low and the ground is sandy, beaches more “savage” are going eastward toward the mouth of the river and the lagoon, a natural environment that is worth seeing at least once.

In general, the part of “Levante” is wider and at its end there is a wide beach and an area accessible to the dogs. The “Ponente” part of the beach instead is narrow and a nice walk runs right by the sea and is perfect to relax a bit ‘after dinner.

The Beach named “Spiaggia Brussa”, beyond the river, is located in a protected area, surrounded by pine forest and trails traveled by bicycle or on foot. Here nature is still sovereign and seems to be light years away from the hotel even though the parking lot you will find comfortable bathrooms with showers!

Things to do with in Caorle with kids

Besides the beach there are several things to do in Caorle with the children.

The first is certainly rent the bike and follow the many paths that allow you to explore the area and the lagoon even coming up to Bibione.

An alternative if the children are small is also hire a rickshaw or walk the walk along the sea that connects the two sides of the city.

Near the beautiful church of “Santa Maria dell’Angelo”  the reefs that protect Caorle from the sea is made by rocks sculpted by artists. Each year artist are invited by the city for an event and some children will be happy to see the strange shapes and sit on “chair” (one of the sculptures made precisely in the rocks!).

Another idea besides the beach is to take part in one of the many boat trips to the lagoon that depart from the small harbour, as we did, stopping for lunch at one of “Casoni of Caorle“.

An other thing to to in Caorle is a trip to Venice. From Caorle to Venice you can take a boat and see the fantastic Venice in a day trip: must if your children there have never been!

“Acquafollie” instead is a water park located in the stadium area, perfect for the whole family.

[cml_media_alt id='4391']Caorle lagoon[/cml_media_alt]
Caorle lagoon

Restaurant in Caorle for children

The small old town offers many reasons to get lost in its narrow streets, one of these is the “street food” is also suitable for children.

A must have in fact squid – served almost everywhere in Caorle in a bag to take away – but also the “pizzella” (this is the small pizza), crepes and ice cream of course.
In addition to the many ice cream shop in Caorle you will find two self-service ice cream shop (called “Mu Mu”) where children can have fun to use and garnish alone their ice cream.

Playground in Caorle

In Caorle you will find many playground areas with swings, slides and even games for the little ones that dot the beach especially in the side Levante.

We then we came across a large playground in “Piazza dei Marinai” and a tennis center with rides of all kinds on the seafront of Levante.

Where to park in Caorle

If you arrive by car and decide to stay in the historic center of Caorle keep in mind that is pedestrian and then you’ll have to park outside on the waterfront (if you rent a house probably will give you a special badge to be displayed on the windscreen of the car!)

A large parking lot is located in the market area and an underground car park at the edge of the historic center.

[cml_media_alt id='3573']Form Caorle to Venice[/cml_media_alt]
Form Caorle to Venice

Where to Stay in Caorle: not only hotels in Caorle!

You can find many hotels in Caorle , but we chose to stay in one of the colorful houses of the old town to immerse ourselves more in the heart of town.
With our little house with blue shutters, a few steps from the sea, tastefully furnished and equipped for families (dishwasher, washing machine and microwave for us were very useful!) It was love at first sight. We booked on and the link of the agency that manage many apartment in Caorle is this one.

And if you plan to visit Caorle in late September do not worry about the whether in Caorle! You will find many families and Caorle’s historic center crowded, so much so that we wondered when finish the season in these parts! 😉

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