Le Terme di Bormio - La struttura con le montagne sullo sfondo

Bormio Health Spa and Wellness

Bormio Terme Health Spa and Wellness is one of the thermal baths of Bormio, in Valtellina, in the North part of Italy and in the Region of Lombardy. In fact there are three thermal baths in Bormio, “Bormio Terme”, also known as “Terme Nuove di Bormio“, “Bagni Vecchi” and “Bagni Nuovi”. The Bormio Terme Health Spa…

I Musei di Torino per i bambini - Il Museo della Juventus

Things to do in Turin: Juventus Museum

The Juventus Museum is a museum dedicated to Juventus Football Club. The Juventus is one of the most popular football club in Italy, but this museum isn’t interesting only for supporters. This is the first thing you need to know if you are wondering whether to include the JMuseum among the things to do in Turin on a…

Catania - Via Antonino di Sanguiliano presso la Dimora De Mauro

Visit Catania in one day

I started this article with the ambitious goal to suggest you what to see in Catania in one day and then I realized that maybe it’s not so important to share a detailed itinerary in the city. Because explain the city in a few words is difficult, you have to live it, dive into its streets, sit…