Cosa vedere a Palermo - La Fontana Pretoria

What to do in Palermo

We visited Palermo during our last holiday in Sicily in family: an on the road trip of 16 days. It wasn’t our first time there but Palermo is an amazing city that worths to be included in a itinerary in Sicily with kids so we decided to come back again. In our opinion Palermo is a must…

Il Carnevale di Ivrea - Vista della Piazza Nazionale gremita

Ivrea Carnival with kids

The Carnival of Ivrea is an event to live, not to explain. This sentence was told me before going there. But today I tried anyway to tell you something about Ivrea Carnival, giving you some tips to go there. But first of all: Do you kwon what is Ivrea Carnival? The Carnival of Ivrea is…