The caves of Camerano between chills and history

The caves of Camerano, not far from Ancona in Marche Region, are the caves that you do not expect… you plan to take your time around the town, maybe eating two Ascolan olives and instead you find yourself in the dark and mysterious stories of ghosts.

The caves are located in the center of the city of Camerano in Marche region in Italy, a place which already has a long history in itself, and the entrance is a small door that seems to actually the doorway of a store.
Instead it is the tourist office and after crossing a new simple door, which seems that of a closet, you are catapulted into a new world that you never would have imagined.

So, with the feeling of being in a Harry Potter book, you start the visit, taking the long stairway to descend into the caves. The latter is illuminated, but once you reach the bottom, the only light you will see is that of candles that surround the voice of the guide that tells the history of the caves.

[cml_media_alt id='3823']Loschi figuri all'interno delle Grotte di Camerano[/cml_media_alt]
Shady characters inside the caves of Camerano
These mazy galleries drawn in the sandstone that run all over the subsoil of Camerano were excavated in ancient times and continued to be used by the population over the centuries.
Freemasons. revolutionaries, secret societies but also simple people of Camerano escaping from the bombs of World War II, lots of people has been passed here and the tour _ just tells their stories giving everyone a voice. It is not only the voice _ that is given to the caves and their past. but also the body, tears, fears …

The visit to the caves of Camerano is actually a great performance between tunnels and galleries. based on a true story. The story of someone who has lived in Camerano and in the belly of his land. rebuilt thanks to long and careful historical research.

In the Camerano caves you see a realistic representation that sometimes makes you shudder as when in a dark corner you almost clashes with a hooded man or when someone touches you cross a narrow passage without any candle to “find the truth ‘.

The visit is beautiful and intense. it’s a blast from the past and in the mystery that ends with a smile.

But when I exit, I must confess that finding a small restaurant right in front of the entrance where to eat a plate of Ascolan olives with a glass of good wine, it was a pleasure and makes me smile 🙂

[cml_media_alt id='3824']L'interno delle Grotte di Camerano[/cml_media_alt]
The interior of the caves of Camerano

Information for visiting the caves of Camerano

I made an overnight visit with annexed theater performance in which participants were guided between the tunnels with the only light of candles. This path is called “Emotions darkness” and this link you will find all the details to book your visit.

The route is exciting and very nice but honestly if you are traveling with small or impressionable children I recommend a more traditional visit – the “classic route” – still interesting but less “thrilling”! 😉

A holiday in the Marches

The Camerano Caves are located in the Marche region, very close to Numana What is reached in about 20 minutes by car. So if the state organizing a holiday on the Conero Riviera, you can not miss it. Reality In The Caves are also close to Ancona, then you could combine a visit of the Caves with the city. In this case, if you’re with the kids, do not miss the Tactile Museum Omero.

Finally in less than an hour from Camerano you can reach Frasassi Caves. If you follow the link you can read our experience. And if you’re looking for some ideas to organize a holiday in the Marche you can find out itinerary in the link.

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