Como lake with kids: Lecco

Lecco, in the North Part of Italy, is the city where the great Alessandro Manzoni set his famous masterpiece “The Betrothed” (“I promessi sposi” in italian language).
That branch of Lake Como turns off to the west …” Thus began “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni. This famous writer was born in Milan but his family had a house on the Como lake, in Lecco.
I was born in Brianza not far from Lecco and this city is a piece of “home” because if you grow up around here happens that at some point in your life begins to go get ice cream on the lake on Saturday afternoon, maybe in motion and maybe spend hours sitting on one of the benches watch the water and the mountain backdrop.

[cml_media_alt id='564']Il Lungolago di Lecco[/cml_media_alt]
The Promenade of Lecco Lake
So today I present you this city, Lecco. Because Como and Bellagio are very know them all (and then there have already spoken here!) But Lecco … Who knows Lecco city? But visiting Lecco with children is full of surprises, because this city is rich in history and beauty. First of all for its lake that is Como Lake, where boats leave for a pleasant sail in the waves, but also for its mountains, known by those who love to climb and do trekking .

[cml_media_alt id='5130']Villa Monastero a Varenna - Panorama sul Lago di Como e Lecco[/cml_media_alt]
Villa Monastero in Varenna – Panorama of Lake Como and Lecco
The beauty of Lecco is in its small medieval center, in the Basilica of St. Nicholas, which overlooks the lake, which is in its Convent of San Cristoforo and its museums. Why in the villa that was the poet Manzoni here they made a Manzoni Museum and just go a little further to see the church where they were married – they say – Renzo and Lucia.

Visit Lecco in a sunny day and you’ll be amazed to see the rows of motorcycles parked in front of the lake, while gay guys with helmet in hand chatting or walking around there. Arrived in the city on a clear day and ride the cable car up to Piani d’Erna, a real roof terrace from where you see the city and the stretch of water overlooked. Spend on the lake on a sunny afternoon and you can not give up an ice cream “walking” that is to Grom Shop. Or one of the ice cream parlors that for decades “soften” the weekend of the people here …

In short, Lecco is well worth a trip especially you can easily get this city by train from Milan. So what more do you want? 😉

[cml_media_alt id='4507']Il Lago di Como e le sue Ville[/cml_media_alt]
Il Lago di Como e le sue Ville

Visit Italy with kids: Como Lake and Lecco city

Lecco with kids: playgrounds and bike ride

For those traveling with kids along the lake there is a nice playground “suitable for children” and for those who like to ride a bike path starts from up to Lecco and Milan, it is very long and full river view.

Where is Lecco and how to get the city?

Lecco is a city located in Lombardy Region, in the North of Italy, not far from Milan. You can easily get Lecco by train from Milan in half an hour and the Lecco railway station is less than a ten minute walk from the city center. If you get Leccoo by car please note that the parking spaces are few and you have to pay for them.

[cml_media_alt id='4526']Lago di Como cosa vedere - Bellano[/cml_media_alt]
Lake Como and Lecco what to see – Bellano

What to do in Lecco with kids: Como Lake and the mountains

A great idea for those who want to organize a weekend in Lecco with kids is take the boat and explore the other cities of the Como Lake. You can enjoy a beautiful boat trip to reach Como and the Island Comacina, or up to Bellano or the ancient Abbey of Piona.
If you want to enjoy instead a little ‘mountain you can go to the Valsassina (one of the valley on the mountains close to Lecco): two locations perfect for kids are Pian dei Resinelli, Piani d’Erna or Pian di Bobbio, but in this case it is better to rent a car.

Of course you can easily reach Milan by train and visit the city, here you can find our tips

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