Eating in Langhe and Roero: which restaurants and what to taste

Langhe wine region in Piedmont – in the North Italy – is one of the place that we love. As I’ve already told you we like Langhe and Roero because Roberto  – the Dad – was born there and, although we are currently living far from there, we come back every time we can.

Langhe and Roero is an area not far from Turin and Cuneo located in Piedmont Region. This area is called Langhe Wine Region because of the wine production and it’s famous in the world for red wines like “Dolcetto d’Alba“, “Nebbiolo“, “Barolo” and “Barbaresco” and for truffles.

Here was born many years ago one of the most loved sweet cream that every child knows very well: the “Nutella“, the halzenut and chocolate cream produced by Ferrero Company.

[cml_media_alt id='2132']Formaggi delle Langhe[/cml_media_alt]
Formaggi delle Langhe

Famous Food of Italy in Langhe and Roero: Langhe wines and truffles 

If you like to eat well and explore the food of the place where you are on holiday, you are in the right place. Piedmont, but Langhe and Roero in particular, offer a lot of delicious dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

So be prepared because one of the reason to visit Langhe wine region is the traditional food of Italy! Langhe and Roero, in fact, are famous for their truffles and for the red wine, but there are a lot of traditional dishes that you can discover over there.

The most famous wines of Langhe Wine Region is for sure Barolo wine, but in this part of Piedmont you can taste also other excellent italian wines as Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Arnais and Favorita.

The first italial traditional food that I  suggest you to try in Langhe Wine Region is the “Salame Cotto” (a cooked salami served as a starter very typical here). An other famous Italian food of Piedmont is the “Carne Cruda all’albese”, a raw met chopped with a knife and seasoned with pepper, olive oil and lemon. If you have a lot of appetite, you can enjoy two traditional Italian main couses: the mixed boiled meats with red and green sauces (“Bollito Misto alla piemontese con bagnetto verde e rosso“) or the mixed fry of the Piedmont (“Fritto misto alla Piemontese”), that is a very traditional dish made of 21 courses where almost everything is fried, including bisquits!.

Of course you can miss an other traditional food of Piedmont: the “Tajarin al Tartufo” (a typical hand-made egg pasta served with butter and small sliced truffles). Also the “Raviolini del Plin” (small ravioli stuffed with meat) and “Bagnacauda” (a typical dish with vegetables, milk cream, garlic and anchovies) are famous dishes of Piedmont and Langhe.

As a sweet, you cannot leave Langhe wine region without tasting the hazelnut cake (“Torta alla nocciola”), the “Bunnet” (a sort of pudding with chocolate and amaretti bisquits) and the “Torrone“. Very typical is the chocolate and hazelnuts cream. The most famous is called “Nutella” produced by Ferrero Company but you can find less famous producers that produce handmade and superbe chocolate and halzenut creams!

[cml_media_alt id='3837']Le colline delle Langhe
Langhe Hills – Piedmont vineyards

Try the traditional food of Italy in Langhe and Roero: restaurants, shops and winery

Langhe and Roero are full of excellent restaurants where you can try good italian cuisine and wonderful wines of Piedmont, but I would like to tell you the ones I have tried and that have the best value for money.

Alba Restaurants and shops

Alba is the main town in Langhe wine regio. In Alba, I suggest you go to the restaurant Vigin Mudest (at 11th of Vernazza street) that offer an excellent tasting menu with truffles.

If you want to buy some typical products of Langhe and Piedmont to bring home with you can stop at the shop called “Tartufi and Co.” (12, Elvio Pertinace street, Alba) in Alba. They sell many products made with truffles and an incredible “marmellata di cipolle rosse” (an onions marmeladed really very good).

To buy something sweet, I point out the pastry “Laboratorio di Resistenza Dolciaria” a patisserie in Alba that offers a very delicious cake, the “Sacher Cake of the Langa,” (“Torta Sacher della Langa”) a reinterpretation of the famous chocolate cake in Vienna made with local ingredients.

[cml_media_alt id='3516']Le vigne delle Langhe[/cml_media_alt]
Le vigne delle Langhe

Langhe and Roero restaurants

Not far from Alba – but you need the car to reach it – in Roero Wine Region there is the restaurant named “Lo Scoiattolo” in Monteu Roero municipality. This is a very family friendly restaurant specialized in pizza and main dishes where children are welcome. You can taste some traditional dishes as “Raviolini del plin” (little typical ravioli with butter and sage).

Another recommended place is “L’ostù d’Racunis” located at Pocapaglia village that offer traditional dishes of Piedmont like “Raviolini del Plin (italian small raviolli) and “Gnocchi al Castelmagno” (potato dumplings with a typical cheese). It also serve delicious sweet like Bunnet (a pudding with chocolate and amaretti) and the Peaches with amaretti.

If you like fusion cuisine and reinterpretations of traditional food of Italy, you must have a dinner at the restaurant “Trattoria in Piazza” in Montelupo Albese. They cook traditional italian food with a different “touch” and from the restaurant you can enjoy a wonderful view of Langhe Hills.

In addition to these there are many other restaurants and I can assure you that almost everywhere in Langhe and Roero you can eat very well and tast typical food so let’s try and enjoy your meal! 🙂

[cml_media_alt id='3617']Il vino non può mancare nelle Langhe...[/cml_media_alt]
Il vino non può mancare nelle Langhe…

Piedmont wines: wineries and vineyards in Langhe Wine Region

The Langhe region is very famous for its wines and vineyards especially for red italian wines as Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo. You can buy good wines almost everywhere in Langhe and if you want to take home a few bottles of good italian wine my advice is to go into the cellar and sample directly. But if you do not have much time and you want something special I recommend you two stops in two Langhe wineries.

The first stop in Langhe Wine Region is at the winery called “Terre del Barolo” in Castiglione Falletto village. In this winery you can buy an excellent bottle of the famous Barolo wine, but also the less expensive (but equally good italian red wines) Dolcetto or Nebbiolo. On the contrary if you like white italian wines of Piedmont try Arneis or Favorita wines! 🙂

The second stop is perfect if you are looking for something truly unique maybe for a gift. In this case stop to the winery called “Cantina Cappellano” located in Serralunga d’Alba.  In this winery in Langhe Region you can find the wine called Barolo Chinato. This is a red wine made by Barolo wine, it’s very unique – sweet and rich of fragrance – and it was invented right here by the great-uncle of the present owners. This is one of the great wines of Langhe Wine Region! 🙂

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    • Hello Malia if you’re looking for a restaurant suitable for kids I can suggest you “Lo Scoiattolo”. If you want to taste wine Barolo is probably the best place, there are many bar and wine testing and it is pedestrian so you can go there and let’s children play. Otherwise for an aperitif I suggest you the “Caffetteria in Maestra” in Vittorio Emanuele Street in Alba town: you can enjoy wine sit outside and just close to the tables there is a small playground.

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