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Go to the beach near Rome

Do you know that there are many beaches close to Rome? And do you know that you can get the see in half an hour by train from Rome? Let’s start from this point to tell you something about what to do in Rome in summer. Because there are many things to do in Rome, including going to the beach! 😉 I’m not kidding you: the sea of Rome is… in Ostia! 🙂

Ostia is very close to Rome and is called “il lungomare di Roma” (the promenade of Rome). But if everyone knows Rome, instead Ostia is often ignored by many. We have been in Rome many times but we discovered Ostia only during a holiday in Rome in a boiling July. In that time we were in Rome with our child for a mix of business and holiday: we needed to stay close to the capital but we wanted to bring our son to the sea..

Because Rome in summer is boiling but in a short time you can get the beaches of Ostia by subway. And although the Lazio region offers much more famous beaches for us it was a nice escape, perfect for relax a little bit.

Once you get to Ostia if your goal is the sea you’ll be spoiled for choice: to find free beaches you have to go to the extremes of the city. Otherwise there are beach properties one close to the other, each with its colorful umbrellas and with its own changing rooms.

But be sure that changing rooms in Ostia are very particular. On the coast of Rome cabins they are not (only) a place to change clothes and store items, here are true and few small bungalow where families spend their lunch hours and do the siesta. The changing rooms are located few steps from the sea, built of wood and with small front porches, equipped with tables and chairs. If you’ll spend on the beach in Ostia the hottest hours of the day you will see real lavish banquets in front of the cabins of the beach in the best Italic tradition!
Some cabins have even indoor shower, the other awning that protects it from the rays during the hottest hours, someone was so well made as to seem a little house in miniature, in short cabs of Ostia we introduced us to another side of Rome and made to feel really on vacation! 🙂

Just off the beach there are restaurants, bars but also stalls, puppeteers and stages for concerts. Because a lot of people decide to end the day at Ostia and come back to Rome late in the evening.

In short, Ostia gave us a nice weekend and proved to be an excellent idea to pretend to be on vacation even though we were on vacation! So I will tell you, and I also leave some suggestions in case you want to go to the sea in Rome.

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Things to do in Rome – Ostia beach

Things to do in Rome in summer: Ostia Beach

I tell you: There are many amazing beaches in Lazio region and ​​Ostia beach for sure isn’t the best one.  But it could be a nice idea to combine a visit to Rome by some relaxing days on the beach.
In this case, I assure you that if Rome with its beauties never disappoints you’ll also appreciate Ostia with its dark sand and its breezes, especially in the summer.

How to get Ostia beach from Rome

The subway is the fastest way to get Ostia beach from Rome. The trains leave from the “Stazione Piramide” (station Piramide) and in about half an hour will take you to the sea. The metro runs until late at night and the ticket is the urban one.

Where to go to the beach in Ostia

There are several stops to to go to sea from Rome. In our opinion the most confortable if you travel with kids are “Lido Centro” and “Stella Polare” stops. From these stops in less than ten minutes walk you’ll get the beach.

If you’re looking for a free beach in Ostia you can go by bus to “Ai Cancelli“”, the most famous beach of Ostia or go either by bus or by a walk to the”Porto Turistico“.

[cml_media_alt id='3174']Il porto turistico del Lido di Ostia[/cml_media_alt]
Things to do in Rome – Ostia beach

Where to eat in Ostia Lido

Almost all of the bathing establishments have restaurants also with Self -Service and pizzerias with wood-burning oven and prices really honest.
During the evening there are several stalls around the promenade and Ostia Lido is full of nice restaurants with outdoor tables. Let me point out some places that we tried and they had special care for children:

  • Na pizza e ‘na birretta“: in addition to craft beers this pizzeria has high chairs and baby menu with a “pizza Mickey Mouse” beautiful as well as good
  • L’Altro Gusto“: in addition to the restaurant you can sit outside in front of the harbor and have a drink “reinforced” with pizza or stir-fry. They have high chairs, changing table and baby.
  • McDonalds: one of the most beautiful Mc ever seen! Complete with a sea view, the square where to play and … Gym Ronald McDonald!

What to do with children in Ostia

All bathing establishments in Ostia have playground for kids and often swimming pool. At the “Porto Turistico” there are rides and other games.

So, in addition to the beach there are other good reasons to come to Ostia without forgetting … the excavations of Ostia Antica! But this would be another post … 😉

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Things to do in Rome

Other things to do in Rome during summer

Below you can find some tips useful if you visit Rome with kids in summer:

  • “Villa d’Este” in Tivoli: This ancient Villa is very nice, with fountains and shadow.
  • Villa Borghese: This park is a must-see in Rome with kids.

If you’re looking for some tips for visit Rome with kids you can also read this article.

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