A holiday in Trentino with kids: Fassa Valley

Fassa Valley (in Italian “Val di Fassa“) is a valley located in Trentino-Alto Adige region in the northern part of Italy. This valley is well known as one of the most beautiful places of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps . It is very popular for its winter sports and this was the reason of our last holiday in Fassa Valley.

During our vacation in Fassa Valley we choose to stay in Moena that is good position if you want to ski with kids. But, when we arrived there, our 4 years old son didn’t wanted learn to ski! We dccided to not force him: we believe that, all sports, including skiing is right to respect the will and timing of each child. So we gave up the idea of ​​skiing and we dedicated our holiday to discover what to do in Fassa Valley and nearby.

It turned out that, fortunately, there are many things to do in Val di Fassa with children who do not ski. Today we tell you about some of our “discoveries”, so maybe you do want to go to Val di Fassa in winter even if you do not love skiing!

[cml_media_alt id='7292']Escursione sulla slitta trainata dai cavalli in Val di Fassa - Lo splendido panorama del Fuciade con vista sulle Pale di San Martino[/cml_media_alt]
Escursione sulla slitta trainata dai cavalli in Val di Fassa – Lo splendido panorama del Fuciade con vista sulle Pale di San Martino

What to do in Val di Fassa with children without skiing

Our base for this holiday in Val di Fassa was Moena. From there we moved, again by car, to visit the Val di Fassa and the nearby valleys by car. Without your own car is certainly more challenging to organize but not impossible, as many hotels offer free shuttles to the facilities and services are also paid ski and slopes. Here you will find some of the tours and activities that we did.

Things to do in Fassa Valley with kids: playgrounds and snow parks

Our son loves the snow and so, even without skiing, we spent a lot of time on the slopes, or better… next. In Fassa Valley there are in fact several playgrounds on the snow, some of them can be reached with the cable car. Below you can find some of them:

  • Lusialand Playground in Fassa Valley: We have been to the Alpe Lusia, where there’s Lusialand Playground. The Lusialand is right next to the cable car of the Alpe Lusia, the closest to Moena. It is a play area with inflatables, small houses, spades and buckets and all that can serve to the children to play. The area itself is not very big but, if it’s cold, it is possible to use the fully equipped games room of the cabin. Next door there is a track that most baby baby you can not with a treadmill for the ascent that can be used for tobogganing. The entrance is free of charge and children, if desired, they may remain with the assistance of animators.
  • Ciampedie in Vigo di Fassa: “Rifugio Ciampedie” (Ciampedie Refuge) is reached with the implants from Vigo di Fassa. The plateau is wider than that of the Alpe Lusia, there are a ski school for small children field, two shelters, a playground and from there depart some paths that you can walk with snowshoes. The playground has various structures with slides, inflatables, trampoline, “suspended chord” and various games. Again the entrance fee and is run by the ski school. Next to the playground there is the possibility of using the sled, but without plants stands out.
  • Other playgrounds: We havn’t been there but there are other two playgrounds located on the top of the mounain: the first is in “Ciampac” (Canazei village) and the second is in “Passo San Pellegrino” (Saint Pellegrino Pass) at the “Chalet Cima Uomo“. Other playgrounds are located in the villages in the valley: Moena, Campitello di Fassa and  in Pera di Fassa. To get an idea of ​​all the playgrounds in the snow in Fassa Valley you can watch on the official website (what we used us to get organized!).

What to do in Fassa Valley: bobsled and sleight in Fassa Valley

In Fassa Valley there are several tracks for bob and sledges, some are breathtaking descents (and lift rides!)! Again, you can check on the website all the information. I can tell you also that there is a great place to go with bobsled for free at “Passo San Pellegrino“, right next to the ski lifts.

What to see in Moena and nearby: the breathtaking views

The Dolomites are beautiful mountains, so it’s certainly not hard to find good views. Moena, where we stayed, is really in an excellent position enough to be called “The Fairy of the Dolomites“. Among the many excursions that you can do this I will recommend two that we did and that we loved: the Pordoi Pass and Carezza Lake (or Karersee). From Moena are both less than an hour by car and, although they are not located in Fassa Valley, there are two beautiful destinations.

  • Pordoi Pass: You can get Pordoi Pass after passing Canazei, continuing for a road that climbs steeply for about twenty turns. Once you arrive at Pordoi Pass you can see a very nice view but if you go up by cable car you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view. We hopped on a clear day and no wind, and believe me, the view from above has left us breathless.
  • Carezza Lake: The Karersee is located in Ega Valley (“Val d’Ega“). Even here the view is very nice and the lake, we saw frozen and covered with snow, is impressive, with the Latemar Mountain profile behind.
[cml_media_alt id='7244']Hotel per famiglie in Val di Fassa - Il Parco giochi a Sass Pordoi[/cml_media_alt]
Hotel per famiglie in Val di Fassa – Il Parco giochi a Sass Pordoi

What to do in Fassa Valley with kids: Water Park in Canazei

We love very hot spring and in general the water parks with hot water, bubbles and saunas. If you are planning a holiday in Fassa Valley and you love to relax in this way organize yourself to spend some time at the Aquatics Centre Dòlaondes Canazei. This is a brand new structure, with a wellness area (where, however, is not granted entry to children), an Olympic swimming pool and several hot tubs of varying sizes with whirlpools. There is a pool dedicated to children, with splashes and games, and also an adrenaline slide, where the older boys stand in line to be able to break the record of fastest descent.

We spent there a cold afternoon here and our little son loved Dòlaondes. So if you visit the area with your family I recommend to add this water park among things to do Fassa Valley with kids.

Things to do in Fassa with kids: A sleigh ride

One of the most magical experiences we had during our holiday in Fassa valley was take thehorse sled. We did a the ride from “Passo San Pellegrino” (Pellegrino Pass) just above Moena to the Refuge Fuciade. The slide, which starts from the church steps, follow the route, there and back, in about three hours, with a stop at the shelter to play and relax in all seasons. We did it in the winter and the snow seems to be in a fairy tale.

[cml_media_alt id='7265']Cosa fare in Val di Fassa - La strada che conduce al Passo del Pordoi[/cml_media_alt]
Cosa fare in Val di Fassa – La strada che conduce al Passo del Pordoi

Useful information for a holiday in Fassa Valley

Where is Fassa Valley

Fassa Valley is located in Trentino in the northern Italy and is made up of seven municipalities. In winter, the season when we went there, the valley is visited by many tourists who choose it for a ski vacation as the skiing area of ​​Dolomiti Superski is one of the largest in the world.

Where to stay in Fassa Valley with children: Hotel

During our holiday in Val di Fassa we have stayed at Family Hotel Dolce Casa in Moena. The hotel is located just outside the town, with beautiful mountain views and is perfect for families. This Hotel also has a wellness area with heated indoor pool and two pools for children with shallow water.


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