In Italy with kids: Cinque Terre beaches

The Cinque Terre is an area in Liguria Region in the North of Italy. “Cinque Terre” is the name of that area but is also the name of the national park that protects this unique place really one of those places where it’s always worth going because they have colors and unique landscapes in Italy.

We came back to Cinque Terre for a holiday last spring after some years and we loved it so much. The lemons that pop up from the dry-stone walls, the secular olive trees, the fishing boats waiting in the small marinas and the colorful houses give to these villages beautiful landscapes and spectacular views. Everything in this corner of Italy tells ancient stories, that maybe it’s nice to sit and listen from the old fishermen in front of the sea with the screeching of seagulls in the ears.

But when I talk with someone that has small children about the beauty of Cinque Terre, they usually argue responding: “But there is no sand!“. Okay, that’s true, in general Liguria beaches are not the place where you go to play with the sand but there is some exception. And you can find sand also in some of the Cinque Terre beaches!

Really, even to the Cinque Terre there is sand! Well, not much, I admit, but there is! I will tell you where we found it, so if you are planning a weekend or a trip to the Cinque Terre and surroundings with the kids you have no more excuses! 😉

[cml_media_alt id='2320']Corniglia - Things to do in Cinque Terre[/cml_media_alt]
Corniglia – Things to do in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre beaches with the kids: where to find the sand beaches


Monterosso is really the postcard village of Cinque Terre, with that rock there nestled a few steps from the shore on which only the brave boys climb and dive!

This village is the starting point of some scenic trails and boast a nice children’s playground not far from the sea. In Monterosso you will also find the sand! 🙂 Of course you don’t have to think about a caribbean beach, it is small and narrow and the sand is dark but your children can let off steam with a bucket and spade.


Just at the edge of the Cinque Terre, Bonassola was our base for visiting the area and of course we did not miss the opportunity to visit the tiny village. We visited the promenade with its boats lined up that seemed asleep, wrapped in their blankets, and we tested his beach that here is made of dark sand and gravel!

An honorable mention, in this case, goes to the Focacceria Cinzia – a smal bakershop- which is right in the town center that offers a delicious Focaccia (a tipical flat bread with olive oil). I think you will recognize it immediately from the line out the door! Of course it’s worth it…


If you decide to visit the Cinque Terre, you will surely spend some time in Levanto because there is a very convenient train station, with lots of parking that are very rare in these parts! Here you will take the train that will allow you to visit these wonderful part of Liguria Region.

In addition, Levanto is plenty of hotels and B&B to stay, but do not be fooled: this is not just a place to sleep and then run away to see the rest! Levanto is a very nice town, with the church of Sant’Andrea of the eleventh century, a small well-kept historic center and a beautiful promenade along the sea.

Also – just to make happy parents of kids sand-addicted – even in Levanto there is sand beach, and even a nice play area for children. Obviously we tested it with our toddler.

[cml_media_alt id='586']Things to do in Cinque Terre: Monterosso[/cml_media_alt]
Things to do in Cinque Terre: Monterosso

Things to do in Cinque Terre with kids

A holiday in Cinque Terre with children is really a lovely experience… not only for the beaches! Cinque Terre villages are amazing, it’s the perfect place if you love nature and mountain because this part of Liguria is really a mix of them! So it’s time to give you some practical information to organize your trip to Cinque Terre with kids. Because there really are a thousand reasons to go there and “challenge your body” by going up and down the stairs with a stroller.

Of course, that the best way to visit Cinque Terre is … forget the car! The trains will allow you to move from one village to another without problems and with reduced costs (purchased the day and remember that small children do not pay).

Finally, do not forget that if your kids are a bit older and like to walk, the Cinque Terre are also a fantastic destination for hiking along the many scenic trails in the area. Check with the tourist office openings and journey times.

A holiday in the Cinque Terre: where to sleep

There are many hotels in the Cinque Terre area. The last time we stayed in the “Resort la Francesca” in Bonassola. This is resort is made by indipendent small houses with beautiful view on the sea. There is also a restaurant and a small beach.

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