Italy destinations with kids: a tour in the Marche Region

When I did my first holiday in the Marche I was a child with mom and dad. However recently I discover againg the Marche Region, and this part of Italy region has definitely captured me: good food, kindness, sea, cities to be discovered …

I wend to the Marche Region twice last year in springtime and then again in winter. In december the Marche Region have given me new surprises and new memories: the cribs of Urbino, the stormy sea with foaming waves, hills covered in snow and the love that never ends with the story of “Paolo and Francesca”.

So today, I try to give you some ideas for an itinerary for a holiday in the Marche with kids, spending a week in this region together.
The route that I would suggest is mostly along the coast of the Marche, of course there is still much more to discover, but … Let’s start from here, you say?

[cml_media_alt id='4947']La spiaggia della Riviera Adriatica - Ancona e le Marche[/cml_media_alt]
The Marche

Italy destination: an itinerary in the Marche with children

What to see in Ancona

Ancona is a big city and the capital of the Marches. I confess that Ancona is perhaps the city that surprised me most in the Marche: Ancona with its harbur conquered me immediately. If you go to Ancona with children do not miss for any reason the Tactile Museum Omero (in italian “Museo Tattile Omero), a museum where children are encouraged to touch the exhibits to discover art through all the senses. You read that right, children are allowed to touch the sculptures. Another thing not to be missed with the children in Ancona are the Passetto – there you can see ancient small caves with colored doors close to the see – and the Botanical Gardens.

What to see in Senigallia

For your vacation in the Marche with the kids in the summer you can not miss the city of Senigallia with its long velvet beach. I assure you that the feeling in the step on is really beautiful and it is impossible to resist the temptation to roll, although after your children will have sand … right into your ears! 🙂 Very nice then it is also the historical and mythical its Rotonda (this is the one of a famous italian song “Una rotonda sul mare” literally “A round sea”, do you remember? If you want some more information to visit Senigallia with children try to read this post I dedicated precisely to Senigallia.

[cml_media_alt id='3870']La Rotonda sul mare di Senigallia[/cml_media_alt]
The Marche: Senigallia

What to see in Fano

Fano is a small city with two faces: in summer its clean sea and quiet is stormed by vacationers looking for a little bit of relaxation. In winter the city turns a quiet seaside town, made up of narrow alleys where you’ll see the hanging clothes and old ladies look to see who is passing. If you go to Fano with children in summer you will stop to the beach but if you go out of season enjoy a walk in the pedestrian center. There you can see the beautiful Fountain of Fortune (the “Fontana della Fortuna” located in Piazza XX Settembre), the Rock and the Malatesta Court, the “Loggia di San Michele” and the Arch of Augustus.

What to see in Urbino

For me Urbino – an ancient city not far from Fano – is a must in any season. Because for me Urbino, city of popes, artists and leaders is just wonderful, a container of beauty, history and art. I personally I fell in love despite snowing, there were at least a couple of degrees below zero and the steep streets of Urbino, made slippery by snow and ice, were to put a lot to test the balance of our baby.
Yet I repeat: do not miss Urbino in all weather conditions! 🙂

Do not miss it with the little ones are also the basement of the “Palazzo Ducale” (the ancient palace of the former duke of the city) and the Albornoz Fortress where are also a playground and a bar, which offers great views of the city and region.

If you go to Urbino with children at Christmas time you can not miss the show “The Streets of Cribs“, you will see beautiful nativity scenes in some of the most beautiful corners of the city but also the many events held in this period, including the Renaissance Nativity. In this post we told our experience with some useful information.

[cml_media_alt id='4936']Veduta di Urbino sotto un cielo nuvoloso carico di neve[/cml_media_alt]
The Marche: Urbino

What to see in Gradara

Gradara is the city of Paolo and Francesca, the two lovers of the most famous love story of all time. This is the love story sung by the italian poet Dante in the Divine Comedy.  Gradara is another little gem not to be missed during a trip in the Marche with children. Gradara is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and from the top of the city you can see a wonderful view of the surrounding hills.

Gradara organize many initiatives for children. The first is certainly the falconry show organized just inside the fortified walls of Gradara like that certainly small. But if you go to Gradara with children over Christmas you will find yourself catapulted into a real country Christmas, complete with elves, reindeer and of course Santa Claus! This event is called “Christmas Castle” and appointments for children are just so many, if you are going to organize a trip in the Marche at Christmas time try to check this site before the events in Gradara. In Gradara you can also see the small but fascinating cemetery of the fallen of World War II of the Commonwealth.

What to see in Pesaro

The last stop of this journey in the Marche with children is Pesaro. The city, an ancient Roman colony that had its heyday under the rule of the family of Della Rovere is also famous for being the birthplace of the musician Rossini. Pesaro is also (but not only!) a seaside town so if you come with children in summer you will go to the beaches.  But there are many attractions in Pesaro: the old town, the Palazzo Ducale, the Rock and the Cathedral are worth the visit. They also organize workshops and tours for children inside the Rocca Roveresca and the Pinacoteca Civica.

[cml_media_alt id='4945']Il centro storico di Fano[/cml_media_alt]
The Marche: Fano
So far our personal itinerary for a holiday in the Marche with the children, but of course there is still much more to see in this region. I can suggest you to see the Frasassi Caves – the most famous caves of the Marche – the Camerano Caves or the small city of Fabriano!

Where to sleep in Marche Region with kids

Below we can suggest you just two hotels where we have been with our son in that area. Maybe they could be useful to you to organize a round trip like this in the Marche Region.

  • Hotel Milano: This hotel is located in Ancona, in a very convenient position, close to the city center but in a quiet area. The hotel has large rooms and a big terrace where you can enjoy a good breakfast.
  • Tag Hotel: It is a business hotel located in Fano, not far from the hightway. Its rooms are large and clean, there is a good restaurant, free Wifi and private parking. During weekend and holidays you can find very good prices.

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  1. Italy is great place to wisit with children. It is really beaautiful. Nevertheless, some activities might be a bit boring. Think twice before taking your infant to museum or church.

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