Italy with kids: what to do in Ravenna

Ravenna in Italy is a city well known for its mosaics and  visit it can be a wonderful experience for all the family.
So if you would like to visit Ravenna with kids today I try to give some suggestions in order to build an itinerary dedicated to children.
Obviously this is not an exhaustive itinerary but only some little advice based on our experience, hoping they can be useful for when you bring your children to Ravenna.

[cml_media_alt id='2928']Dintorni di Milano Marittima: i mosaici di Ravenna[/cml_media_alt]
Ravenna Mosaics

Visit Italy with kids: what to do in Ravenna

Ravenna for kids: the Mosaics Museum with children

Of course we start from the mosaic suitable for children: the museum is named Tamo and this museum is a large exhibition center in the heart of Ravenna, which offers many workshops and initiatives also suitable for the fun of children.
The initiative is called Tamo for Kids and find more information at this link (

Ravenna for kids: the Museum of Dolls

This museum is named Dolls Museum (in italian “Museo delle Bambole” and it contains dolls and toys from various ages (1860-1950) of different material and shapes.
Inside there are also small children’s rooms, kitchens, shops, a sort of big “Doll House” that certainly will capture the interest of children.

[cml_media_alt id='3124']La Basilica di San Vitale a Ravenna[/cml_media_alt]
What to do in ravenna

Ravenna for kids: an aquarium in a church

In Ravenna, there is a church where, like an aquarium, you can see goldfish. This church is named “Chiesa di San Francesco” and in the cryp you can see many fishes swimming. In fact the crypt lies below sea level and the water transforms it in a small pool.
Children will be enchanted!

Ravenna for kids: Puppets Museum

The House of Puppets (in italian “Museo delle Marionette”)  is a small museum that you can visit by appointment. In this museum children can discover the magical world of marionettes, puppets and fire eaters.

Ravenna for kids: The Tomb of Dante and Dante Museum

The great italian poet Dante Alighieri rests in Ravenna in a small white mausoleum where shines the light a votive lamp whose oil and ‘offered by the city.
The sections of the museum collect representations inspired by the work of Dante Alighieri and the kids can tell the story of a poet in love with a girl named Beatrice

[cml_media_alt id='2929']Chiesa di San Francesco[/cml_media_alt]
Things to see in Ravenna – Church of  Saint Fracesco

Ravenna for kids: The MAR Museum

The MAR is the Museum of Art of the City of Ravenna. IN this museum you can find workshops for children, with routes designed for different age. For information please refer to the website. .

Ravenna for kids: beaches and emotions

Not far from Ravenna in 20 minutes you can get the beach and enjoy the sun and the sea. If you are looking for strong emotions you can get the amusement park of Mirabilandia that is very close to Ravenna. Mirabilandia Park is one of the biggest amusement park in Italy and childrend will love it! Here you can read our experience in Mirabilandia.

[cml_media_alt id='4022']L'ingresso al Parco di Mirabilandia[/cml_media_alt]
L’ingresso al Parco di Mirabilandia

Ravenna with kids: practical information

Where is Ravenna

Ravenna is an italian city located in Emilia Romagna Region, in the center of  Italy. Rimini is less that 1 hour by car.

How to get Ravenna

You can get Ravenna by car or by train. From the train station you can easily reach the center of Ravenna by walk in few minutes.

Hotels in Ravenna

There are many hotels in Ravenna. What you have to choice is if you prefer to sleep in the city or outside. This second option could be a good idea of you want to visit also other things close to Ravenna. Here you can find some hotel that we suggest you:

  • Grand Hotel Mattei: a business hotel with all you need for children, including a playground and a room dedicated to pirates. This is located outside Ravenna and you can reach the city in 10 minutes by car.
  • Unaway Cesena: this is an hotel close to the highway. It is very confortable for large families because you can book family room with king size bed. And there is a restaurant with good prices just on the hotel corner. Ravenna takes 20 minutes by car.

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