Milano Marittima with kids

Milano Marittima is a fraction of the town of Cervia in the heart of Romagna perfect to spend a weekend or more with children if you are looking for a relaxing place with nature, sand beaches and of course good cuisine!
In Milano Marittima you can rest under an umbrella and enjoy nature taking your bike for a ride along the shaded avenues of the city center or get to the pine forest of the Park, stop for a picnic and to play with the farm animals and come back to the beach for the dinner.

But if you love the nature you can’t miss the salt works of Cervia at sunset with flamingos walking elegantly in the water and the creek Bevano, a park to be explored for those who love the great outdoors, with its many species of birds. And if you love shipping there is the center of the city with the evening walk, the market and the harbour to meet the fishermen and buy some fresh fish.

We love this area and we decided to go back for more, in winter, to see Cervia illuminated by Christmas lights and his crib salt. So if you are looking for a place in Romagna Region where spend some days with your kids I try to give you some information below.

[cml_media_alt id='3298']Le saline di Cervia ed i fenicotteri rosa[/cml_media_alt]
Le saline di Cervia ed i fenicotteri rosa

Practical information for visiting Milano Marittima with kids

Where is Milano Marittima?

Milano Marittima is actually a fraction of Cervia on the Adriatic coast of Italy named Romagna, in Emilia Romagna Region. His story is unique: the land on which stands Milano Marittima was sold by the city of Cervia to one of the most important families in Milan in the early ‘900 with the obligation to create a “garden city” and thus promote the development of area as a seaside resort. Even today you can see the historic villas – still beautifully preserved – peeking through the pines and the hotels in Milano Marittima!

How to get to Milano Marittima with kids

You can get Milano Marittima by car but the whole area is well served by trains and not far from Rimini so you can easily get it by train also if you travel with kids.

[cml_media_alt id='4001']La fattoria didattica del Parco Naturale di Cervia[/cml_media_alt]
La fattoria didattica del Parco Naturale di Cervia

Hotels in Milano Marittima with children

During our weekend in Milano Marittima we stayed at the Hotel Majestic, which is part of the group MiMa Club Hotel. The hotel and it is very suitable for kids: baby menus, beds with sides, corners games, heated pool, strollers, bicycles with child seats and even a kit useful for mothers and their children (containing reducer wc, scandabiberon, baby monitors, etc …).

[cml_media_alt id='3299']Le saline di Cervia[/cml_media_alt]
Le saline di Cervia

What to do in the surrounding area of ​​Milano Marittima

Two attractions that you can’t miss are the Cervia Park (in italian “Parco della Pineta Cervia“) where you can see animals and the Salt Work (in italian “Saline“) perfect for birdwatching lovers.

Not far from Milano Marittima then there are the Butterfly House but if you go over there a break deserves some Ravenna with its mosaics that are (also) childproof.

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