Mountains in Italy with kids: Selvino not far from Bergamo

The road that leads to Selvino, a village on the mountains in Italy near Bergamo, is one of those typical of the Alps, steep and curvy, carved in the rocks and trees. But in a sunny day you can enjoy the view and the magnificent colors of the mountain.

Selvino is a small village located almost a thousand meters above sea level. This village is one of the perfect destinations for a trip to the mountains in Italy in all seasons. The town is located about twenty kilometers from Bergamo and is part of the Mountain Community of Val Seriana.

[cml_media_alt id='2447']Il panorama di Selvino[/cml_media_alt]
The panorama of Selvino
Selvino is a perfect place to spend a day in the nature on the mountains of Italy in every seasons. In summertime you can doing trekking, during springtime you can run away from the city and breath and during the wintertime you can ski or take a hot chocolate with cream. Eventually if you visit Selvino in Autumn you can simply take a walk to the park and play.

Even Milan is not so far – less than a hundred kilometers from here – and Selvino is a perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend outdoor.

Mountains in Italy with kids: tips for visiting Selvino

Where is Selvino and how to go

Selvino is a small village in Lombardy Region, in the North part of Italy. Selvino is not far from Bergamo and the best way to get it is in my opinion by car.

What to do in Selvino

Selvino is a perfect destination for families on the mountains of Italy. You will know it immediately because you will see many many kids all around! 🙂

In summer besides walking and doing trekking there are many initiatives organized on-site, like festivals. If your kids love to climb, you can climb up to the Adventure Park Pineta where from 4 years, children can experiment with different types of routes. Otherwise remain in the country even tiny children can experience the adrenaline rush of the descent on rafts, hurtling down the hill with mum and dad.

In winter you can ski in the nearby ski resort of Selvino Monte Purito (about 2000 meters) with slopes suitable for children and beginners.

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Festival and events in Selvino

In this area have been organize many festivals and events. In the weekends of 06/07 and 14/15 December the village of Selvino organizes the festival named Ciocolat, a party-based chocolate where chocolate is the king … together with children, with workshops and many initiatives dedicated to them.
All initiatives can be tested on the Official Website of the City of Selvino.

What to eat in Selvino: the italian cuisine

The food around here is typical of Bergamo with the polenta (cornmeal mush) of course together with salami and cheese (try the Branzi and the Formai de Mutt cheese). Other typical dishes are the Casoncelli and the Foiade with mushrooms.

What to do nearby Selvino

If you decide to spend a few days in Selvino keep in mind that, in addition to activities to enjoy the mountains, the city of Bergamo is really close by and worth a visit. All information for visiting Bergamo with children I have summarized in this post.

With the kids can climb to Monte Poieto (Aviatico) where, next to the shelter, you will find deer, goats and a beautiful playground with wonderful views. The climb can be done in about 45 minutes on foot or by cable car.

Not to be missed is a trip to the evocative Sanctuary of Perello nestled in the woods, who in 2013 made the celebrated six hundred years by the appearance of the Madonna.

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