Visit Bergamo in a day

Bergamo – a city in the North of Italy – is usually known for its industrial history or for its airport but few people remember its architectural beauty.

Yet the city offers to those who want to discover little treasures, museums, ancient palaces, churches and monuments that can be compared with those of other more famous italian italian cities. There are many things to do in Bergamo so as to allow the candidacy for European Capital of Culture for 2019 .

The Bergamo Upper Town (“Città Alta”) is a small gem and I can assure you that it is a perfect destination for a day out with the kids for many reasons.

[cml_media_alt id='4227']Bergamo con i bambini : Arlecchino e Piazza Vecchia[/cml_media_alt]
Bergamo with children: Arlecchino the puppet symbol of the city
The best way to get to “Bergamo Alta” (or “Città Alta” as is known the Upper Town) is leave your car in the Lower Town and take the cable car (called “funicolare“) to the top, but you can also get there by bus (n°1). The center is completely pedestrian and you can explore the medieval streets that open into squares and plazas, lined with palaces and towers and small restaurants, cafes and bakeries that sell local products also suitable for children as the sweet “polenta e osei” ( a sort of cake made of sugar shaped as a local dish made of birds and cornmeal mush).In the Upper Town of Bergamo you can visit the Church of Santa Maria Nascente, the Colleoni Chapel, the Baptistery and the Ragione Palace (“Palazzo della Ragione”). These will be wonderful discovery and you finally remember that Bergamo has an important part in the story since the age of the Republic of Venice.If you are travelling with kids they’ll enjoy a visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences of Bergamo or the Botanical Gardens. If the day is sunny a great idea is to take the cable car and go up to San Vigilio, where you can enjoy a splendid view over the valley and where you can relax while the kids can play in the park safely.At the end I can assure you that a trip to Bergamo is really an opportunity to spend a day together to find out an unexpected city: there are so many things to do in Bergamo that maybe you’ll be back to see this city for a second time! 🙂

[cml_media_alt id='4228']The Basilica of Santa Maria Nascente[/cml_media_alt]
The Basilica of Santa Maria Nascente

Things to do in Bergamo in a day with children

Where is Bergamo and how to reach the city

Bergamo is in Lombardia Region, in the North of Italy, not far from Milan. You can easily reach Bergamo by plane with low cost companies like Ryan Air that operate from the Orio Al Serio airport (Milan Bergamo) that is connected to the city center by bus.

From Bergamo train station you can take a train to go to Milan: it takes one hour more or less.  Otherwise you can take a bus from Bergamo Airport to Milan TrainStation.

Where to sleep: hotels in Bergamo

Unfortunately we didn’t test any accomodation in this city because it’s very close to our home, bur you cand find all the information to spend a night or two visiting

Where to eat: restaurants in Bergamo

The number of restaurants in the city is growing fast since the advent of Ryan Air, but I would like to suggest two historical place where to eat well without spend a fortune.

The Circolino Restaurant and Pub in the upper town is a very nice place where students spend their time at lunch. If you like beer, pizza or casoncelli (it’s a local type of ravioli), this is the right place.

Da Mimmo Restaurant is also a  famous historical restaurant is in the upper town. It’s a little bit more expensive, but the quality of food is excellent. They also are very kind and equipped for babies. They offer pencils and paper to entertain the kids and they have baby seats and a changing room.

What to taste in Bergamo: traditional italian food and typical cusine in Bergamo

In Bergamo you can taste some dishes of traditional italian food. The cuisin of Bergamo is not light, but it is very tasty. I suggest you to try the Casoncelli, that are a tipical dish similar to Ravioli and the Polenta with cheese (called “Polenta Taragna“). If you like sweets you will find everywhere the Torta Donizzetti (a cake with the name of the famous musician of Bergamo) and the sweet version of Polenta e Osei.

What to do in Bergamo: the panoramic viewpont of San Vigilio

There are many things to do in Bergamo but in a sunny day I suggest you to take the funicular to San Vigilio viewpoint. You and your children will enjoi the beautiful panorama over the lower city and the valley and your children will be thrilled by the run! 🙂

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