Pinocchio Park: the adventures of Pinocchio become real

The Park of Pinocchio in Collodi was on the wish list of our trips because this puppet is one of the hero of our little boy. Before you get organized though I had asked friends for advice for mothers to know if it was worth it and the answers I received were conflicting: “The park is old! It needs to be renovated!” I had said, adding: “But the Children enjoy! For them it’s all magic

In this way, with the ideas a bit ‘confused I left the Park of Collodi in that list, waiting to organize a weekend in Tuscany. Eventually last June I had the chance to organize a weekend in Pistoia, a city few kilometers far from the park of Collodi.

The Park of Pinocchio in Collodi is in fact, a tiny village in Tuscany less than half an hour’s drive from Pistoia. As soon as you arrive at Collodi it is clear to everyone why you get this far: the undisputed star of the village is in fact him, the wooden puppet who with his pranks amused and a little ‘touched generations of children. Pinocchio is everywhere, in stores, on signs, on the streets. Collodi village is the village of Pinocchio.

[cml_media_alt id='6011']Parco di Pinocchio a Collodi[/cml_media_alt]
Parco di Pinocchio a Collodi
However, in Collodi village there isn’t only Pinocchio Park but also a beautiful garden we visited before entering the park. These are the gardens of “Villa Garzoni” a seventeenth-century residence whose gardens were used as a model by both the Palace of Versailles and of Caserta Residence. Villa Garzoni was the villa of a family Ghibellines Florentine, they had to left Florence so they bought the plot of land closer to Florence and built this house to show off their wealth. Today, after renovation, the beautiful park of Villa Garzoni is open to the public and hosts, as well as many plant species, some animals, including peacocks, swans blacks, ducks, carp and a butterfly house, where admire these graceful creatures in all their glory.

And the Park? Well, the Pinocchio’s Park is not far away, less than five minutes walk. The Park of Collodi’s Pinocchio’s magic, there are the rides of Wonderland – historical but still working – the spectacle of puppets, the bandwagon Eater and the mechanical toy theater. There are beautiful statues that adorn the boulevards and representing the most significant events of the novel and the Square of the Mosaics. But above all she is: the Whale! Where children can really get to pretend to be, just like Pinocchio, trapped in his belly. For adults, the Pinocchio Park is a large green and shaded area where you can walk and look around, going step by step, the adventures of the most famous puppet in the world. But the Park of Collodi’s Pinocchio is not an amusement park like we used to know today, to speak not Gardaland or Mirabilandia, this park is a fairy tale and as such needs the magic and fantasy of the youngest children to be lived. Otherwise it makes no sense. Otherwise the Whale will be just a big fountain and the castle of Fairy will remain only a small white house with a clever game of mirrors inside.

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Pinocchio Park
So – you say – it’s worth going to the park of Pinocchio in Collodi? The answer for me is yes. Yes because the park, despite the passing years and the actions (personal opinion eh!) should be made to restore it and make it more modern in some parts, is still dreaming. Yes because Pinocchio is part of our history, that of my generation for sure. But especially so because my little boy  came out excited, repeating: “It ‘was great to go to the park of Pinocchio!“.

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Park of Pinocchio

Practical information to organize a visit to the park of Pinocchio in Collodi

Where is Pinocchio Park and tickets

The Pinocchio Park is in Collodi, a few kilometers from Pistoia, in Tuscany. Tickets can be bought directly at the entrance but if you are interested to visit the gardens of Villa Garzoni remember to buy a ticket in order to save some ‘. The same foundation in fact supports both the Pinocchio Park that the gardens of Villa Garzoni.

Where to eat in the Pinocchio Park

The Park of Collodi has a restaurant, a bar and even a picnic area. If like us you decide to stay at Villa Garzoni can dine at the restaurant that is located in the gardens where they serve dishes manicured and Tuscan cuisine (they also have high chairs, children’s menus and upstairs you can change the diaper to children).

What do the Pinocchio Park in Collodi with children

In addition to rides period, the performances of the Puppet Theatre and the path with the statues which tell the story of Pinocchio, Pinocchio park in the play area is located modern and the opportunity to participate in workshops and activities dedicated to children.

What to do in Tuscany: not only Pinocchio!

If you are planning a holiday in Tuscany and you are looking for other places to visit in Tuscany with children here we can try do give you other tips. In particular we suggest you to visit Baratti and Populonia Archeological Park, the Maremma area, the fantastic village of San Gimignano and the Archeological Mines Park of San Silvestro. If you are planning a relaxing holiday in Tuscany, close to the sea, here you can find some of the beaches that we liked more during our last holiday there.

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