Relaxing weekend on Italian mountains: Aviatico

Aviatico is exactly the right place to choose for your romantic weekend on Italian mountains if you are looking for a paceful and isolated place. The reason is that you can reach Aviatico only by foot or using a cable car and when you reach the top of the plateau of Selvino you can simply enjoy nature and peace.

When you’ll arrive on the top the first thing that will struck you will be the bright green grass and a wonderful playground overlooking the valley below. It seems to be in Switzerland but you are in Italy, few kilometers far from Bergamo. And the incredible thing is that you can easily reach this isolated place from Milan with just in one hour by car. But the feeling of peace is amazing, perhaps because you cannot reach Aviatico by car but only on foot (or by cable car as we did!).

On the top there is only a hotel with its restaurant and nothing more. In front of the hut there is an enclosure with goats and some deer. And just next a beautiful panoramic playground. We enjoyed the wonderful view over the valley, the games, and of course that grass so brilliant that invited to lie down at least a little to resume contact with the earth. When we went down I thought Aviatico is really a fairytale place and it would be nice to go back in winter with the snow!

[cml_media_alt id='5907']Aviatico - Il parco giochi proprio in cima al Monte Poieto[/cml_media_alt]
Weekend in Italy – Aviatico

A romantic weekend on Italian mountains: Monte Poieto and Aviatico

How to reach Monte Poieto

Aviatico is located about 20 km from Bergamo and 60 from Milan. You cannot get the plateau of Selvino by car, for those who love trekking you can get there by walking (about 45 minutes). Or you can use a very scenic cable car from the valley floor. Selvino is very little and if your looking for some ideas on what to do in the surrounding area you can also read this post.

If you love the outdoors and walking another terrific place to go trekking in the Val Seriana it is Castione della Presolana, with the “Salto degli Sposi” (Jump of the Spouses).

What to do on the Altiplano of Selvino

I think that the reason to stay a weekend in Aviatico is relaxing in a romantic place. But in the plateau of Selvino are organized events throughout the Springtime and Summertime. For example in August, the 16th, it organizes a hike suitable for children and parents called Minimarcia of Children with Berto Beaver. If you want to know Aviatico and Mount Poieto on this occasion, you can find more details on the official website of the event.

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A romantic weekend in Italy – Aviatico

A relaxing weekend on Italian mountains in Aviatico: hotel

If you love trekking there are several paths you can go with different difficulty on the Selvino plateau. So you can enjoy this paceful place and remain there few days.

If you fancy a relaxing weekend away from it all and above all the stress you can choose the only hotel in Aviatico, named “Resort Monte Poieto“. It is a completely renovated refuge: there 9 beautiful rooms complete with a jacuzzi with wonderful views of the valley. And there is of course a restaurant to eat.  There you can try typical dishes like casoncelli.

Get married in Italy?

I don’t know if you are looking for thins but… When we went up was May and part of the restaurant was reserved and set up for a ceremony. In fact there are many couples who choose Aviatico and Selvino Plateau as location to organize their wedding party, going up, along with all the guests, to the top by cable car. I came to smile thinking of the bride who, perhaps with a frothy white dress like a meringue, would be packed, complete with train and veil, inside the microscopic red cabin to climb to the top. Who knows what would have thought during the solo ascent to the summit? Perhaps the new life that awaited him at the end of the day? 😉

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