Senigallia with children and the velvet beach

The Senigallia Beach is called the “golden sand beach” for the feeling you get when you step on its soft and fluffy sand.

We went on a day in late April, driven by the desire to touch the sea that we saw from every corner of the city of Ancona and to play for a few hours with the sand. With us there was a child armed with bucked and spade, eager to build castles in spite of the season had not started yet and only a few umbrellas populate the long beach lovingly preserved by the Rotonda.

Yeah, because the beach of Senigallia is dominated by the “Rotonda sul Mare“, made famous and immortal in Italy by the song of Fred Buongusto that it is impossible not to hum when you stroll along the promenade, watching the white building that stands against the blue sea that takes you back to when the youth in the ’60 here to dance and have fun.

[cml_media_alt id='3874']Senigallia - l'attrezzatura per la pesca sul molo[/cml_media_alt]
Senigallia – equipment for fishing on the pier
Nevertheless Senigallia is not only its beach and the “Rotonda sul Mare“, the town boasts an ancient city center, with the Rock Roveresca, the arcades and the Forum Annonario and was the home of the Malatesta family marking a piece of the history of the Marche Region.

And then there’s her, Penelope, who observes the sea from the pier, constantly waiting for his Ulysses, while the fishing nets not far away rise and fall full of fish slowly and repetitively, while the tourists walk hand in hand and the boats of fishermen sails offshore.

[cml_media_alt id='3980']Penelope[/cml_media_alt]
It turned out that we had to be there in Senigallia only a few hours and instead we were all day dining at the seaside, walking and returning to Ancona only late in the evening, enjoying the last rays of that sun almost summery and the feeling of velvet in the foot.

Returning to our hotel with a sleeping baby in the stroller we greeted the “Rotonda” of Senigallia romantically illuminated with a bit ‘of melancholy, humming softly and promising to return soon to find her…

[cml_media_alt id='3872']Senigallia - l'ingresso al centro storico[/cml_media_alt]
Senigallia – the entrance to the old town

Practical information for visit Senigallia with children

Where is and how to reach the Senigallia beach

Senigallia is located just a few minutes from Ancona, the capital of the Marches.
We have reached it by train and the station is just a few steps from the sea, served by frequent trains until late evening.

Where to eat in Senigallia

In Senigallia we found two restaurants careful to the children that we can recommend.

The first is the Restaurant La Pagoda on the “Levante” quayside , with specialty fish and pasta with generous portions. They have changing tables and high chairs.

The second is “Qubetti di Sabbia“, on the promenade Dante Alighieri, where the evening aperitifs are also plentiful and tasty. They have high chairs.

What to do around Senigallia

Do not miss the city of Ancona and the Tactile Museum Omero, where children can touch the exhibits. Also thera are many workshops organized for children.

But if you want to move inland, I recommend you to visit the famous Frasassi caves but also the Temple of Valadier and Camerano.

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