I Musei di Torino per i bambini - Il Museo della Juventus

Things to do in Turin: Juventus Museum

Italiano EnglishThe Juventus Museum is a museum dedicated to Juventus Football Club. The Juventus is one of the most popular football club in Italy, but this museum isn’t interesting only for supporters. This is the first thing you need to know if you are wondering whether to include the JMuseum among the things to do in Turin on…

things to do in Cuneo

Things to do in Cuneo

Italiano EnglishCuneo is one of the south-western Piedmont city, capital of the province of Cuneo. Turin is about an hour from the city, half-way there are the Langhe and Roero and in one hour by car you can get the sea of ​​Liguria Region. There are many things to visit nearby Cuneo and… maybe that’s why…

Il Carnevale di Ivrea - Vista della Piazza Nazionale gremita

Ivrea Carnival with kids

Italiano EnglishThe Carnival of Ivrea is an event to live, not to explain. This sentence was told me before going there. But today I tried anyway to tell you something about Ivrea Carnival, giving you some tips to go there. But first of all: Do you kwon what is Ivrea Carnival? The Carnival of Ivrea…

Cosa vedere a Torino con i bambini - La Basilica di Superga

Things to do in Turin with kids

Italiano EnglishI like Turin and we often come back because the ancient capital of Italy is an elegant city that offer many things to do also interesting for children. In fact when I became mom I discovered that  there are so many things to do in Turin with children. Hence the idea to give some advice to…

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