La meravigliosa spiaggia di Cala Violina a Scarlino

The best tuscany beaches in Maremma

You can choose an holiday in Tuscany for many reasons: nature, monuments, arts, history, food, wine… But in any case please don’t forget that Tuscany is one of the best Italy destinations for beaches! Tuscany beaches are one of the reason to organize a holiday in Tuscany with children. In fact there are many beautiful beaches in Tuscany suitable for all the family and today I’d like to share with you my best beaches in Tuscany, in particular the beaches located in the part of Tuscany called Maremma.

The Maremma Region is one of the places to stay in Tuscany. In my opinion good food, marvellous wines, nature and lovely small villages are some of the reasons to choose Maremma area! I’ve been there many times, the last one was with my son and today I’ll share with you my preferred beaches in this part of Tuscany, located between Livorno and Grosseto.

We stayed in a camping in Marina di Bibbona – a small village in Maremma – which was our base for exploring the area. All the tuscany beaches that you can find below are all within a maximum of forty-five minute drive from our “base” and are (almost) all in Maremma. Of course there are many others beaches in Tuscany but here I point those where we were with some information that I hope will be helpful to other parents!

[cml_media_alt id='3202']La spiaggia di sabbia bianca di Rosignano[/cml_media_alt]
Tuscany Beaches: Rosignano white sand beaches

Tuscany beaches: in Maremma with children

Marina di Bibbona beach

Nearby Marina di Bibbona you can find a sand beach. In the area called “Forte di Bibbona” (Bibbona Fort) there is a beautiful pine forest that provides shade and shelter during the hottest hours of the day.
The long, wide beach is sandy and the sea slopes down quite slowly.

Marina di Castagneto Carducci beach

From the center of Marina di Castagneto you can find sand beaches equipped, with bars and restaurants. Following the “via delle Palme” (avenue of Palms) you can go to a wide and long beach of sand in large grains. This is a beautiful beach also suitable for dogs and here there are some toilets, showers and a couple of bars.

Le Gorette beach

Near Marina di Cecina – on of the small village not far from Marina di Bibbona – you will find a long sandy beach and pebbles, with some bathing facilities. There is a beautiful pine forest equipped with picnic tables and benches where you can walk.
From the parking area the paths in the woods takes you to the beach in ten minutes by walk and the beach is very quiet especially towards the part called “Capo Cavallo” (Cape Horse).

[cml_media_alt id='5409']Relax sugli scoglia Castiglioncello[/cml_media_alt]
Tuscany beaches: Castiglioncello Rocks

Castiglioncello beach

The village of Castiglioncello – towards Livorno city – has a shape of rocks and rock with clean sea perfect for those who love diving.
Stretches of beach alternate with equipped bathrooms, some cut into the dock of the old port.

Vada beach

In Vada beach you can find fine and clear sand perfect for children.
The sea is calm and the beach is thin and long, only partially equipped and there is a beautiful pine forest behind to spend the hottest hours of the day.

Rosignano Solvay beaches

The “white beaches” of Rosignano – called “spiagge bianche” in Italian language – are very famous and popular because of the white sand and turquoise sea like a Caribbean beach. But know that this spectacular landscape is not natural but rather effects of discharges of chlorinated company Solvay (for bathing is permitted, but the controversy is always present).
The beaches are accessed by parking charges via short dirt paths.

Gulf of Baratti beach

The green lawn that reaches the sea and the beautiful setting of the Gulf of Baratti make this spectacular long dark sand beach with its large grains glinting in the sun.
Not far from the entrance of the archaeological park there is a beautiful beach with two small bathrooms equipped, but all along the Gulf will find access and parking.
A curiosity: the small pebbles of sand glistening in the sun are actually remnants of ovens for the manufacture of iron of the ancient Etruscan and sometimes the waves on the sand resurrect ancient artifacts! Here you can find more information about Baratti and Populonia Archeological Park.

[cml_media_alt id='3209']Il golfo di Baratti e la sua spiaggia di sabbia luccicante[/cml_media_alt]
Tuscany beaches: Gulf of Baratti beach

The beach of Cala Violina in Scarlino village

Cala Violina” is a beautiful beach not far from Follonica. If you go there you do not regret the Caribbean, with its clear quartz sand and clear water.
After parking (there is a parking fee) you can reach the Cala Violina beach by walk (it takes half-hour and this is about 1.5 kilometers).
Bring a sun umbrella, you can have a lunch on a bar-truck that is parked not far from the beach.

The beach called “Buca delle Fate”

Buca delle Fate” is a  small but beautiful beach by the blue sea. You can reach it by walk on a dirt path that in about half an hour will take you to the sea. The path is not practicable with strollers and the beach is rocky but if you love to snorkel is a perfect place. If you go to Cala Violina beach with children please pay attention because the water is immediately deep and do not forget the shoes for rocks!
From the car park, the road continues up to Populonia and the archaeological site of the Acropolis but also the small fortified village are not to be missed!
Bring packed lunch – there are no restaurant – and be prepare and fit because the climb is challenging! 🙂

Rimigliano beach and park

The long beach of Rimigliano with its forest of tamarisks behind is one of the most peaceful places in the area. During the hottest part of the day children can rest or play in the shade of the trees, there are showers and bathrooms available and the water is shallow and clean.
A curiosity: the little “balls” that you will find on the sand brown seeds are not algae but the waves and the wind shaping up to turn them into perfect spheres. The algae are part of the fragile ecosystem of this park and its dunes and therefore not collected.

[cml_media_alt id='3211']La lunga e selvaggia spiaggia di Rimigliano[/cml_media_alt]
Tuscany beaches: Rimigliano beach

Pratical information to visit Maremma in Tuscany

Where is the Maremma Region?

The Maremma region is a large area of Italy bordering two seas: the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea. The Maremma area is crossing two Italian region: Tuscany Region and Lazio Region. The most known Maremme is the called “Maremma Grossetana”, the part of Maremma Region near the city of Grosseto, but the Maremma includes part of southwestern Tuscany – Maremma Livornese – and part of northern Lazio with the province of Viterbo and Rome on the border of the region.

Tuscany beaches

In this article you can find our best beaches of Tuscany in Maremma Region (of course in our opinion!). All of them are tested by our two year old toddler (yes, even Buca delle Fate, where he walked almost all the way down!). Of course there are many other beaches to visit so.. don’t stop to them! 🙂

What to see in Tuscany: Maremma Region

If you are planning an holiday in Tuscany please remember that there is more than tuscany beaches to see! The Maremma region is beautiful and even your kids will appreciate it! For example here you can find our tips about San Giminiano.