Cosa vedere a Napoli

Things to do in Naples: San Gregorio Armeno

Naples, in the South of Italy, is a beautiful city nestled between Mount Vesuvius – a volcano – and the sea. There are many things to do in Naples and many reasons to plan a trip or a family weekend here but if you love Christmas a place to be in Christmas Time is the distric of the city called “San Gregorio Armeno”.

There are many attractions in Naples that you can’t miss but during Xmas Time Saint Gregory Armenian Quarter (“San Gregorio Armeno” in italian language) is very famous for its nativity scenes handmade and really impressive. The ancient tradition of the nativity scene in Naples was born in the eighteenth century, when the representation of the Nativity has been enriched with objects and characters of everyday life.

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San Gregorio Armeno – nativity scene in Naples
Today, Naples is known throughout the world for the skill of its craftsmen and the folklore that revolves around San Gregorio Armeno, the distric of the city that, more than all, is a focus of this ancient art .
A walk through its narrow streets, including shops displaying little creations of all kinds, is really special and memorable experience for children who will be enchanted by the many characters of the nativity scene, from Pope Francis to the football players, and see the funny animated figures. In the shops you can buy many kind of accessories for the nativy scene: fruit, railings of the balconies, animals, doors, little fires and all are beautiful and made by real artists. Trust me: this part of Naples in Christmas Time is amazing and you can’t miss it!

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Restaurants in Naples: pizza

What to do in Naples in Christmas time: useful tips

Where is Naples and how reach it

Naples is in the South of Italy in a region called “Campania”. You can easily get Naples by plane or by train, with the high speed train that connects Naples with other major Italian cities like Rome or Milan.

From the central station to Naples downtown there is a bus, but a cab is not so expensive and you can save some time.

How to get San Gregorio Armeno District

From the railway station the district of San Gregorio Armeno takes less than half an hour by walk. An alternative way to get this discritc of Naples is to take the subway and get off at Piazza Dante , from there the neighborhood of Nativity is a few minutes by walk .

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Things to do in Naples

Naples restaurant and pizza

Pizza is deliciuous in Naples, really tasting and different from the rest of Italy. Close to San Gregorio Armeno District there are some of the best pizzerias restaurant of Naples. Two restaurant you can’t miss are “Pizzeria di Michele” and “Pizzeria I Decumani“.

If you love sweet and pastry shops in Naples you can enjoy deliciuos “sfogliatelle” (a sort of mix between a croissant an a little cake!) or “babà” (a pastry served with rhum). In San Gregorio Armeno District stop at the pastry shop named “Scaturchio“, one of the oldest in Naples.

Things to do in Naples with kids

There are many things to do in Naples with kids: you can do shopping in “Spaccanapoli” area (an historycal and folk part of the city where you can by almost everything), have a walk close to the sea and go to Castel dell’Ovo (a castle close to the sea), visiting the San Carlo Theatre or the Maschio Angioino (an other castle).

Naples attractions clos to San Gregorio Armeno District

After the visit of the cribs you can decide what to do in Naples. Not far from San Gregorio Armeno Distric there are the Cathedral (called “Duomo“) and statue of the Veiled Christ in the Chapel of Saint Severo (in italian the “Cristo Velato” that is a amazing statue made of marble located in “Cappella di San Severo“). The the kids will love certainly the Naples Underground (literally “Napoli Sotterranea“), this is a part of the city rich of mistery.

Naples: things to do in the surroundings

There are many things to visit in the sourroundings of Naples. If you have time enought don’t miss three attractios: Pompei (an ancient roman town), Sorrento (a lovely village on the sea) and Mount Vesuvius (the volcano).