Things to do in Turin: Juventus Museum

The Juventus Museum is a museum dedicated to Juventus Football Club. The Juventus is one of the most popular football club in Italy, but this museum isn’t interesting only for supporters. This is the first thing you need to know if you are wondering whether to include the JMuseum among the things to do in Turin on a weekend. Because this museum that is set up inside the new stadium of Juventus Football Club is a way to understand the story of Turin.

As a Juventus fan I enjoyed some of my team’s historic moments, such as the match against Real Madrid in 2008 at the Bernabeu Stadium where Juventus Football Club won thanks to Alessandro Del Piero, who received the standing ovation of the stadium. But I am not a football fanatic and I decided to go to the Juventus Museum in Turin just because I was curious about it.

Our visit took place in the afternoon and we came out from the Juventus Museum smiling. Because the Juventus Museum is a museum made to celebrate the Juventus Football Club, but its goal is also tell the story of Turin. Here you can remember the most exciting moments of Juventus history: the records, the most famous players and the unforgettable coaches. But in this museum you can understand the story of Juventus Football Club through the literature and starting from the daily life of the medium class of Piedmont.

Obviously, however, the Juventus Museum is also a museum for “true” fans, those who are looking forward to taking pictures with players (and for them there is a special machine for photomontage), those that know all the players of each game. But the JMuseum in Turin is also suitable for all “normal” people who want to know better the city and its football club.

[cml_media_alt id='10298']Juventus Museum Torino - Del Piero, l'idolo della mia generazione[/cml_media_alt]
Juventus Museum in Turin – Del Piero
[cml_media_alt id='10299']Juventus Museum Torino[/cml_media_alt]
Juventus Museum in Turin

Juventus Museum: information to go

How does the visit to the Juventus Museum in Turin works?

The tour into the Juventus Museum isn’t guided. The museum is not huge but there are videos, interactive screens, explanatory panels and a lot of curiosities. At the end of the visit there is a circular room with a fake grass rug where you can sit and dip in the history of Juventus.

Useful things to know for visiting the Juventus Museum

The Juventus Museum can be visited without reservation. You can buy a combined ticket for the museum and the tour of the stadium which we didn’t (with an extra cost besides the ticket). If you have the Turin + Piedmont Card the entrance to the museum is free of charge. All information can be found on the official JMuseum website.

Where to park for visiting JMuseum

The Juventus Museum is located in the Juventus stadium in Turin, outside the Venaria Reale. Right in front is a shopping mall with several shops and a large car park. Of course you can not miss the Juventus store with its gadgets.

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