Things to do in Turin with kids

I like Turin and we often come back because the ancient capital of Italy is an elegant city that offer many things to do also interesting for children. In fact when I became mom I discovered that  there are so many things to do in Turin with children.

Hence the idea to give some advice to those who want to organize a trip or a weekend in Piedmont with some ideas on what to do in Turin with kids. Obviously I propose only some activities and attractions, those we liked most, but I can assure that there would be so much more to do in Turin if you have time to spend in this city! If you’re looking for more details for a holiday in Turin follow the link.

  1. Turin in a day with kids
  2. Museums in Turin
  3. Football in Turin
  4. A rainy day in Turin
  5. What to do not far from Turin
  6. Hotels in Turin
  7. How to get Turin

1) What to do in Turin in a day with children

What to do in Turin in a sunny day: Valentino Park

Valentino Park is a place to spend a sunny day in Turin with children. With its Medieval Village (rebuilt but full of charm), the squirrels who come to seek a bit ‘of food and eat what you offer directly from your hands, rickshaws and areas picnic this park in my opinion gives a little ‘holiday atmosphere while being in the heart of the city. At Valentino Park will find entire families who dine or enjoy the sun, people running and tourists intent on taking photographs to rowers who train to the river.
You can bring a picnic lunch or buy something at one of the many stalls selling sandwiches and chips and there is an area of ​​the park – fenced – where are covered rides and a playground for children.

Things to do in Turin with the whole family: a ride on the historic tram

If you have little time for sightseeing, or even if you are looking for new ideas about the things to do in Turin with kids an opportunity is to take part in one of the visits on board a historic tram organized dall’ATTS ( Historical Association of Tram). This is a particular way to know the city. To check the days and times when it is possible to organize the visit occurred on the site:

In alternative you coud see Turin using the classic hop on hop off tours.

2) Museums of Turin for children: the Egyptian Museum, The Cinema Museum and the Museum of Car

Among the things to do in Turin with the children there is also a visit in one of the museums of the city. The ones that we liked the most are three: the Car Museum (called “Mauto”), the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Cinema. Here is some information for each of them:

Museums of Turin for kids: The Car Museum

The Car Museum is named “Mauto” and it’s located in the Lingotto area. This is an interactive museum dedicated to the automotive world, that traces the history of the first cars to the prototype electric car. It is a futuristic museum which I think is one of the things to do in Turin with kids – even with the little ones – because it is really designed to engage the visitor.

Museums of Turin for kids: The Cinema Museum and the Mole Antonelliana

Among the things to do in Turin is certainly the climb on the terrace of the Mole Antonelliana. The Mole is the landmark of Turin and from the top you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. However, if you are traveling with children do not miss the Museum of Cinema, which is located right inside the Mole. If the view from the Mole is one of those that leave you speechless your children can be have fun with the elevator ride.

Museums of Turin for kids: The Egyptian Museum of Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is in my opinion one of the things to do in Turin … even if you are no longer children! For children, however, this museum has a special charm, especially if they have already studied the Egyptian people at school. In the Egyptian Museum you can see a real temple (faithfully reconstructed) and ancient artifacts and it really seems to take a dip into the past. The Egyptian Museum has recently undergone a major renovation (we were the last time before this) but we think that if it was interesting before now it’s even more!

[cml_media_alt id='5517']Cosa vedere a Torino con i bambini - Lo Juventus Stadium e il suo Museo[/cml_media_alt]
Things to do in Turin: Juventus Stadium

3) Thing to see in Turin: a football match and the Juventus Stadium

If you are football lovers – or if your kids are – among the things to do in Turin you can also visit the stadium and its museum. Turin has two stadiums, one is the Olympic Stadium – where he plays the Turin football club – and the other is the Juventus Stadium where Juventus football club plays. It’s possible to visit the Juventus Stadium in Turin and the museum also taking part in a tour.
The building of the new Juventus stadium was called “Area 12” – signifying the 11 men on the pitch and one out – and there are also a large shopping center with several shops, a supermarket and Juventus Store. If you want you can eat with the kids at the Old Wild West where they also have menus for children.

4) What to do in Turin if it rains: the arcades and historic cafes

Even when it rains don’t worry because the long arcades allow you to visit Turin remained almost dry. Turin has the largest pedestrian area in Europe, with 18 kilometers of arcades and if like me you are traveling with a small child on a rainy day is a great advantage! Under the arcades there are several bars and cafes where you can try the famous historical “bicerin” (a hot drink made with coffee, chocolate and cream typical of Turin which is said to have been invented by Cavour).

There are a lot of tipical cafes, so it could be nice to take part of a guided tour to discover them and enjoy all the specialities!

[cml_media_alt id='3985']La Reggia di Venaria[/cml_media_alt]
What to do not far from Turin – Venaria Reale Palace

5) What to do in the surroundings of Turin with kids

Turin attractions: the Venaria Reale Palace

The Venaria Reale Palace is not far from Turin. It is called the Lost Palace because for years has been forgotten and turned into a warehouse. But today is a beautifully restored residence with wonderful gardens where you can take part in carriage rides, do a mini gondola ride, watch the spectacle of the dancing fountains and stroll through the beautiful boulevards. If you visit the Venaria Reale Palace with children do not miss the “Fantacasino”, where you will find beautiful wooden toys that are replicas of the ancient games. In this post if you like I collected our experience with some practical advice to organize a day at the Venaria Palace with the children.

You can purchase the Venaria Reale ticket online from this link.

Turin attractions: the Zoom Torino

Not far from the city there is the Zoom, an immersive park which is located in Cumiana village. If your kids love animals this zoo without cages that uses water and ditches to separate animals from visitors, and which aims to educate children to respect and love towards animals will be a wonderful experience, I’m sure! We were amazed by the talk with the experts and, being summer, we enjoyed a little ‘relaxation at the beach. Here you will find all the details of our summer day at the Zoom.

Turin attractions: InfiniTo, the Planetarium and Astronomical Park

Another attraction not far from Turin to children is Infini.To or the Planetarium and Astronomical Park of Turin, which is located in Pino Torinese village. Also recently renovated it is an interactive museum where children, even toddlers, can learn the history of the stars and planets. There are film, information panels and small experiments in which kids can take part. InfiniTo of Turin organizes many events for families and even weekends for families with discounts, free offers and many laboratories.

Turin attractions: The Basilica of Superga and the tramway

Among the things to do in Turin with kids I’ll put the Basilica of Superga (Superga Cathedral). This place has an important to significance for the city and for the people of Turin. You may think that this is not a place “suitable for children” but for me it is interesting to go there for two reasons: the first is the panoramic view from the terrace of the Basilica and the second is the tramway (named tramway “Dentera“) with which you can climb up to Superga. You can visit it by yourself or you can book online a guided tours to the basilica of Superga from here.

If your kids like trains and trams this is certainly the best way to climb to the Basilica di Superga. The tramway departs from the bottom part of the city of Turin – the nearest Borgata Rosa-Sassi – and takes you to the top, there you can find a waiting room with bar (and toilet) which offers a wonderful view of Turin. From the stop of the tramway the Basilica of Superga is few minutes walk and the older children can visit the apartments and the royal tombs (the visit is guided and lasts 45 minutes) and of course the memorial plaque of the Grande Torino football club.

Not far from Turin: the Langhe region

So far my very personal ideas of what to see in Turin with the kids. The city also offers much more and if you feel like you can find some other information in this post because I do not know if it was understood, Torino we really liked coming back together with our son! 🙂

If you are planning a holiday in Piedmont and you love good food and fantastic wines don’t miss the Langhe. This region is not far from Turin: you can reach the main city of the area (named Alba, the “capital” of the truffle!) in 1 hour by train. This region is famous for its wineries and its hills, for castles and old small villages. Here you can find some tips to visit Langhe Region with kids.

If you don’t have a lot of time, it’s a good idea to book a transfer to the Langhe from Turin with winetasting experience of Barolo wines.

6) Where to sleep in Turin with kids

There are a lot of hotels in Turin suitable for families. Below two hotels that we enjoyed and we can suggest you:

  • Novotel Torino Corso Giulio Cesare: This hotel in located in Lingotto area. It is a business hotel with affordable prices and many facilities for families: big rooms, toys available, fantastic breakfast, free wifi and private parking. It is close to public transportation. Prices are lower during holidays and weekend.
  • Golden Palace: This hotel is located in the city center, not far from the Egyptian Museum. It is a luxury hotel suitable for children, with a playground area and a spa. You can find good offer on booking! 🙂

7) How to reach Turin

Turin is well connected both with others italian main cities, like Milan and Rome, and other international countries.

How to reach Turin by plane

If you arrive in Italy, you will probably land to the Milan Malpensa airport that, dispite the name, is not far from the Piedmont capital. In fact you can reach Turin from the Malpensa airport by bus in two hours. if you are in a hurry you can book a private transfer to your hotel in Turin from here. Turin has also is own airport (Torino Caselle) that it’s well connected with other european destination.

How to reach Turin by train

Turin is one of the italian cities connected by high speed trains, so trains are one of the best means of transport you can take because they are fast, clean and quite affordable. On this trains you have to book in advance and purchase a seat reservation, but from the station of Turin Porta Nuova you can reach Milan (1 hour), Rome (4 hours), Venice (3 hours and a half) and Naples (6 hours)

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