Things to do in Urbino in a day with kids

If you are planning a holiday in The Marches Region don’t forget to visit¬†Urbino. There are many reasons to say this but the main one is that in this case the problem is not “what to see in Urbino” but “how to have time enought to see all everything”! ūüėČ

So today I try to give you some tips for visit Urbino in a single day with kids. Just the time enought for dreaming to be back soon! ūüėČ

[cml_media_alt id='4931']Urbino - Piazza della Repupplica[/cml_media_alt]
Urbino – Piazza della Repupplica

Things to do in Urbino in a day with kids

Start your tour of Urbino from “Piazza della Repubblica” (Repubblica square). On this square there are two iconic buildings of Urbino: the “Palazzo degli Scolopi” (Palace of Scolopi) and “Palazzo del Legato Albani” (Palace of the Legato Albani).¬†Once in the center along “Via Raffaello” ascend to the “Fortezza Albornoz” (Albornoz fortress) which offers a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. There you can stop for taking pictures: one stop is at the Monument of Raffaello and the other is to the “Chiesa degli¬†Scalzi“. Then rest a little bit in front of the fortress at the Resistance Park and let your children play at the playground. There, at the top there is also a bar, useful for a break or a lunch together!

Then go down along “Via S. Margherita” to see the streets in the city that still retains its Renaissance core and stop the Birthplace home of Raphael, where you can admire the rooms where the artist grew up and some of his works. The house is small and even if it is not “designed” for children idea is to involve them, explaining to them that there, was born and raised one of the greatest Italian artists.

Continuing down the road you will come to the¬†Chiesa di San Francesco” (Church of ¬†Saint Francis ) and the “Palazzo del Collegio Raffaello” (Raffaello College Palace). Then continue until you reach the Cathedral of Urbino and finally to Renaissance Square, where there is the Egyptian obelisk – a gift of Pope Clement XI – and the wonderful “Palazzo Ducale” (Ducal Palace) with its turrets.

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Things to do in Urbino with kids – “Oratorio San Giovanni”
A visit to the “Palazzo Ducale” is definitely a must! The art pieces contained inside – including the “Citt√† Ideale” of Piero della Francesca (the Ideal City). But also the inlaid doors and especially the Duke’s Study will leave you speechless. For children, however the visit to the basement of the palace, including stairs and old rooms could be one of the interesting things to do in Urbino with kids. A¬†different way to discover Urbino with children.

Once finished your visit to the “Palazzo Ducale” continue between the old buildings to reach the ancient walls¬†of Urbino and then go up to two of the things to see in Urbino absolutely: the “Oratorio di San Giovanni Battistaand theOratorio di San Giuseppe” (Oratory of St. John and Oratory of St. Joseph). In the Oratory of St. Joseph there is the sixteenth crib of Brandani. ¬†But the “Oratorio di San Giovanni Battista” will literally take your breath away: the fifteenth century frescoes of the Salimbeni brothers are kept in an incredible way, with colors so vivid scenes that seems to be able to dive into the framework. We managed to keep quiet our little son¬†by pointing out the many details: the horses, dogs, eels and fishes in the river, children crying … In one word a must to see in Urbino!

From the Oratory of San Giovanni you can also admire beautiful views of Urbino and the Ducal Palace and from there¬†It can finish your¬†tour of Urbino returning to the car through the “Porta Valbona” (Valbona Door). Crossing this door means know the history the city: from here in fact it passed the wedding procession of Federico Ubaldo della Rovere and Claudia de’Medici as Porta Valbona was a gift from the city to the spouses.

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Things to do in Urbino with kids

Tips to visit Urbino with kids

Where is Urbino and how to get it

Urbino is in the Marches Region (or the Marches). The Marche is a central region of Italy on the east coast made by hills, sea and fertile plains at the base of the Apennine mountains.

Urbino is located on the top of a hill, it is one of the medieval Italian cities and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ancona, the capital of The Marches, is 100 kilometers far.

How to get Urbino

We have come to Urbino by car and we left beneath the walls in the “Borgo Mercatale” parking lot, right in front of the Tourist Office. From there there is and elevator that costs 0.50 cents and leads you into town. Needless to say, if the day is nice and you have good legs you can walk up! In any case the elevator, along Corso Garibaldi and its arcades, you will end up in Piazza della Repubblica, the heart of the city and favorite hangout of Urbinati.

If you prefer get Urbino by train you can stop to Pesaro. From there buses run frequently from the train station and the ride takes 45 minutes.

Visit Urbino with kids

Urbino is a city made of ups and downs and streets from the ancient paving so the stroller is not very convenient. There is a playground just in front of the Fortress on the top of the hill.

Where to eat in Urbino with children

We had lunch in a restaurant named “Ristorante KM 0” a bar restaurant located in front of the Duomo. I recommend you this restaurant with children although it’s not big because food is good and¬†the staff is very friendly and fast service. Here you can taste the typical traditional “crescia” (a kind of flat bread typical of the Marches but it contains eggs) stuffed with meats and cheeses and the coffee is served at the table with moka.

Where to stay to visit Urbino

We visited Urbino during one of our holidays in the Marches Region. We booked a hotel in Fano on the coast which is about half an hour from Urbino.
L ‘hotel that we chose is the TagHotel.¬†It is a business hotel just off the motorway very handy if like us you decide to spend a few days in the area and getting around by car.
The Hotel is new, clean and well managed. The staff is very attentive to tourists: also accept pets and are equipped with cots and high chairs for children. It is located in a commercial area and over to the hotel restaurant in the area there are several restaurants and a supermarket.

A holiday in the Marches with kids

A holiday in the Marches Region is a good idea if you are looking for a destination in Italy with kids that has a mix of history, tradition, nature and se. If you’re planning a holiday in the Marches don’t forget to visit Urbino but also go to the Adriatic coast that is not far away: Pesaro, Ancona, Senigallia, Conero Riviera and Gradara are beautiful cities to visit. The Marches region offers al lot of things to see! Here if you want you can find one of our idea for a tour in The Marches Region.

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