Things to do in Monza with kids

Today I’ll tell you something about the capital of the province of Monza and Brianza: Monza. Monza is a city located non far from Milan, often considered only a industrial city. But there are more things to see in Monza than factories! So if you are wondering what to do in Monza and you’re curious to go there … You are in the right place! ūüėČ

Put a sunny morning, the desire to take a walk outdoors, relaxing but also visiting some architectural treasure. Imagine a lot of¬†people, families but also couples in love, many children and teenagers laughing and talking loudly, cafes and glittering shop windows and a crowd that a little ‘surprising for a town so humane.

Here, these are just some of the reasons to visit Monza!

Monza is one of the oldest cities in Lombardy famous for the Queen Teodolinda and the iron crown. But it is also one of the most famous cities in the world due to its Formula One circuit.

Because I was born not far from Monza speaking of this city means for me to tell a piece of home, with the “Villa Reale” (Royal Villa) and its magnificent park, destination of so many of my Sundays cycling. Monza for me means the outdoor cinema in the Summer and the rose flower, its beautiful shops and its pedestrian center, the “Arengario” and the Lambro River….

In short visit Monza can reserve beautiful surprises. So, since this is a bit ‘my house, I try to tell it, hoping to make you want to organize a trip to see Monza with your children! ūüôā

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Things to do in Monza

Visit Monza with kids

Where is Monza

Monza is located in Lombardy Region, in the North of Italy. Monza is the capital of the Province of “Monza and Brianza” and it is famous for its “Formula One Grand Prix”.

But this city has a important past: Monza was founded by Teodolinda, queen of Langobard. Today you can see in Monza Dome Museum the “Corona Ferrea” (the Iron Crown): the legend says that this crown contains¬†one of the nails of the cross of Christ.

How to get Monza

You can get Monza by car or by train. Monza is very close to Milan so if you are already there, perhaps the best way to get Monza¬†is to take a train that in ten minutes will take you to the station of the city (check trains from “Garibaldi” Station or “Centrale” Station. From there a short walk takes you to the pedestrianized town center. You can also take the bus that connect Milan to Monza.

The closest airport is “Milano Linate” Airport. Otherwise you can land in “Milano-Orio al Serio” Airport or “Milano Malpensa” Airport.

If you want to get Monza by car keep in mind that “Viale Cavriga” (Cavriga Avenue), the avenue that runs through the park, is closed to traffic on weekends and holidays (but maybe your GPS system does not know!). If you want to get to the Park and the “Villa Reale” (Royal Villa) by car the best solution is to park directly in the park (it is a payment parking). Otherwise there is a free parking next the “via Petrarca“.

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Things to do in Monza

What to do in Monza with children

The old town of Monza is pedestrian and perfect for a walk with the kids and in fact prams and strollers are not lacking! There are regular events and exhibitions suitable for children.

For older children among the things to do in Monza there is the “Museo e il Tesoro del Duomo” (the Museum and Treasure of the Cathedral) which houses the Iron Crown. An other thing to see in Monza is the “Villa Reale” (Royal villa). This palace was built in eighteenth¬†centuty by will of empress Marie-Therese of Austria and it is a country palace very similar to Schoenbrunn in Vienna.

If the season allows a must¬†to do in Monza is go to the “Parco di Monza“, that is the Park of the “Villa Reale”. There are many things you can do at Monza’s Royal Villa Park: walking, biking and even horseback riding. In May, do not miss the flowering of “Roseto Fumagalli” right next to the Royal Villa. The park is huge and is divided into two main areas: the Royal Gardens, adjacent to the Villa with cured grass and a pond with turtles, and the rest of the park, crossed by long paved avenues but also footpaths, on which overlook old mills, bars, restaurants and inevitable rides.

If you are a Formula One fan one of the things to see in Monza is definitely the “Autodromo Nazionale” (National Autodrome).

A holiday in Lombardy

If you are planning a holiday in Lombardy region and you love art there are some cities that I suggest to visit: of course Milan, the capital of the region with its museums and the Cathedral. Than Bergamo, Como and its Lake, Brescia, Crema, Cremona and Pavia.

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