Turin with kids

There are many reasons to visit a city like Turin in Piedmont, one of the most beautiful cities of the North Italy!

Turin is an elegant city that was the capital of Italy in ancient times, famous throughout the world for Fiat industry and for Juventus football team.

Turin is also famous to have invented the chocolate gianduja , but in this city you can find two different kind of soul: a productive one and touristic one.

In fact Turin ​​offers a lot of attractions for those who want to spend a day, but also a weekend in these parts. It’s difficult choose among the many thing to do in Turin in a weekend! The Egyptian Museum, the Mole Antonelliana, the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Armeria Palace and the Museum of Car (“Museo dell’Automobile”) are just some of the things for which Turin is worth a trip.

And we cannot forget the Holy Shroud – “Sacra Sindone” a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man that accordind to tradition is Jesus Christ – and the Basilica of Superga – a cathedral on the top of the hill where there was the accident in which the entire older Torino Footbal Club Team was killed in 1949.

[cml_media_alt id='3966']Torino vista dall'alto della Mole[/cml_media_alt]
Turin with kids – Panorama of Turin from the top of the Mole Antonelliana
In addition of the many museums of the city, you can enjoy the pleasure of a walk under the arcades, full of life even in a rainy day, and maybe set down a wile to drink a “bicerin“, the traditional coffee drink that  dates back to the times of Count Cavour.

If you come to Turin with the kids, however, there are two things that I recommend you not miss : The Cinema Museum (Museo del Cinema) and the Valentino Park (Il Parco del Valentino).

The Cinema Museum it’s located inside of the beautiful Mole Antonelliana – a major landmark building in Turin – and will surely attracts the attention of young tourists, as well as their parents. It is possible to buy the combined ticket to visit also the Mole and the climb up to the top with a fantastic view of the surrounding hills. This will be really a must for the whole family!

The Parco del Valentino, with its castle and the reconstruction fo a medieval village, is really a place that enchants children and it is visited every year by many school classes. The Castle today it’s the seat of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin. The Valentino Park is a charming walk through the medieval buildings that were in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta in ancient times.

So a trip to Turin offers many things to see for adults and children. I assure you that they will be fascinated!

[cml_media_alt id='3964']Torino con i bambini - Palazzo Madama[/cml_media_alt]
Turin with Kids – The Madama Palace

How to reach Turin

Turin is in the North part of Italy. You can easily reach Turin by plane at Torino Caselle airport  or by hight-speed train from Milan (Italo and Frecciarossa). Turin is also reachable by train from Paris and Lion with the TGV, so if you are planning a visit among Italy and France, this could be a kind idea.

If your hotel is downtown you can visit Turin by walk but there is also a very modern subway and you can use it if you decide to stay in the Turin interland.

Where to sleep: Turin Hotels

There are many hotels in Turin. Here we share two hotels where we have been that in our opinion are a good solution with children:

  • Hotel Golden Palace in Turin. This is a beautiful hotel in the city center that include also a SPA wellness area and a little area dedicated to the kids. You can easily reach the hotel with the subway. It’s a very beautiful hotel in a strategic position.
  • Novotel Torino Corso Giulio Cesare close to Lingotto district: This is a business hotel that has interesting prices during weekend and holidays. You can enjoy gourgeus breakfast, big rooms and private parking. There are also many facilities for children (and toys available on the ground floor).

Where to eat in Turin: Italian food in a Fast Food Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant in Turin and your child likes the burgers, I recommend you to try the M ** Bun restaurant (former MacBun that in the Piedmont means “Really Good!”). They define theirselves as a SlowFastFood as they prepare burgers, but not limited to, all made with high quality local products. The restaurant also has a large indoor game area for children which will be able to hold off even the wildest ones.

[cml_media_alt id='3985']La Reggia di Venaria[/cml_media_alt]
Venaria Palace

What to taste in Turin: Italian cuisine

Turin and the Piedmont are famous worldwide for their cuisine and goodies. In particular you must try the Bagna Cauda (a warm dip made with garlic, anchovies and olive oil) with vegetables and the typical breadstick. For the sweet lovers, did you know that Turin is the capital of the chocolate? Every year, in fact, there is an exhibition dedicated to chocolate, Cioccola-TO.

If you like the italian ice cream, here in Turin you can find a lot of high quality shop. In particular, GROM is one of the best in the city the the most famous due to its particular cream, made with cornmeal biscuits (Biscotti di Meliga that are typical of South Piedmont).

Things to do in Turin: don’t miss these attractions with children

Turin has a lot of thing to see, but the Egyptian Museum and the Mole Antonelliana worth a visit with children.

Not far from Turin there is a wonderful place perfect if your children like animals: the Zoom Zoological Park. This is a zoo in which there are no cages, a real immersive experience where children can meet lemurs, rhinos and penguins.

If you stay longer that a weekend, I suggest you to spend a day into the Venaria Palace (“Reggia di Venaria”) with its incredibles gardens. The Palace of Venaria is a former royal residence located in Venaria Reale, near Turin, and one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, included in the UNESCO Heritage List in 1997. If you follow the links you can above read our experience and our advices about these things to do in Turin with kids! 🙂


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