A holiday in Italy with kids: Bellaria Igea Marina

Here I am to tell you a classic holiday in Italy with kids: a vacation in the Romagna Region in a small city named Bellaria Igea Marina with children. So today I try to give you some tips from our own experience, in order to know this part of Italy .

Where is Bellaria Igea Marina

Bellaria Igea Marina is a small town in Emilia Romagna Region, in the middle of Italy. Bellaria Igea Marina is in the area called Romagna, very close to Rimini and it’s famous to be a perfect place to stay with kids, due to its calm sea and its sandy and long beaches. This town is divided in two parts by a river, the first is Bellaria and the second is Igea Marina and they are connected by a bridge.

Where to sleep: Bellaria Igea Marina hotel

Here two hotels in Bellaria Igea Marina perfect for families that I can suggest you:

  • Blu Suite Hotel: this hotel is located in Igea Marina. The hotel is really suitable for family but especially for children: spacious rooms with kitchenette, possibility of requesting the “anti banks fall” for the beds, past fresh frozen directly in the freezer on request (with a lot of oil and parmesan available!), restaurant with entertainment for children and special baby menu, pool games. In short, the perfect solution for families with children of different ages and also for those who want to combine the comforts of home (where cooking and no timetables) with relaxation and hotel services.
  • Hotel Derby: this hotel is located in Bellaria. Also this is a hotel that I recommend: it is run by a mother, the food is excellent, they are kind with children and very friendly with all the guests, also pets! 🙂

Where to eat: Bellaria restaurant

There are many restaurants, here you can find our tips to find a restaurant in Bellaria Igea Marina:

  • Tirabuscion: Located in Bellaria side this restaurant is near the sea, prices are affordable and it is suitable also for children. Upstairs has a bathroom with a shelf where you can ‘change the children.
  • Osteria Gianola: This restauran is one of the historic restaurants in Bellaria where you can enjoy excellent “piada” and wonderful dishes (try Strozzapreti !)
  • Capitan Bagati: This restaurant is perfect for fish or  pizza. It is right in front of the channel that separates Bellaria and Igea Marina.
  • Casa Zanni: Not far from Bellaria in Villa Verucchio village there is this restaurant specialized in meat cooked in an excellent way.
[cml_media_alt id='5743']Bellaria Igea Marina - Le tipiche imbarcazioni[/cml_media_alt]
Bellaria Igea Marina – Le tipiche imbarcazioni

Where to go shopping in Bellaria

Supermarkets, small shops and shopping centers are not lacking in Bellaria and its surroundings. A separate chapter then deserve the markets, a place of tradition as well as purchase to know a little ‘a better place. I tell someone there that we liked:

  • The market for local producers: Every Sunday in the center of Bellaria is a market of local farmers, an excellent opportunity to discover and buy the aged cheese, the fish of Cesena, cherries and more.
  • Other markets: Wednesdays and Fridays at Bellaria Igea instead takes the “normal” market, but also there is no lack of products of place.
  • The Fish Market: If you love to eat (and cook) fish there is a fish market along the river.
  • The market for children: every Thursday evening at Bellaria in the area of ​​the old fish market is held-exchange of children who are (and exchange) toys, books etc.

What to taste in Bellaria: local produce and local cuisine

Romagna is well known for food and cuisine. Among the first course you can try tagliatelle, tagliolini, ravioli, cappelletti, Strozzapreti is the one of the classics dish of Romagna Region. If you like cheese you have to try Formaggio di Fossa, Squaccuerone and Rivaggiolo.

[cml_media_alt id='3138']La Torre Saracena di Bellaria[/cml_media_alt]
La Torre Saracena di Bellaria

An itinerary for visiting Bellaria Igea Marina and surroundings with children

What to see in Bellaria Igea Marina

Ok, I know, a vacation is to relax and rest but my advice is not to stop at the beach but also to take a ride in the country to discover some little wonders …

  • The Old Bellaria: frescoed houses so beautiful, for a walk and maybe a few photos while you go to the market.
    Do not believe us? Look at the pictures …
  • Church of Santa Margherita: the thirteenth-century church was built by the Duke Malatesta in honor of his third wife. It is located within Bellaria and can be the occasion for a bike ride along the paths  of the Uso river.
  • The Saracen Tower: in seventeenth-century Tower of Bellaria is the Shell Museum which houses a rich collection of shells, mussels and other marine organisms.
  • Panzini’s House: Alfredo Panzini was bound to Bellaria and a circle of literary friends who met in his Red House today it becomes museum (open after 20.30)
  • The paths the Uso River: Uso is the name of the river that runs through the hinterland to jump overboard just to Bellaria. Along its course via a pedestrian and cycle it allows you to see ancient villages, villas, mills, churches and Roman bridges. Ideal for those who love cycling.

What to see in the surrounding area of ​​Rimini and Bellaria

The surroundings of Rimini and Bellaria are really to be discovered but if you come around here you can not miss in my opinion some beautiful villages and castles. Here are my favorites:

What to see near Bellaria Igea Marina: San Leo

San Leo is a legendary fortress overhanging a rock where he was imprisoned the Count of Cagliostro. Myths and legends, the village offers an interesting tour of the Rock, great views and beautiful churches.

What to see near Bellaria Igea Marina: Verucchio

In Verucchio you can find an ancient village dominated by its castle houses and an archaeological museum of international reputation.

What to see near Bellaria Igea Marina: Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo di Romagna is a Slow City actually full of life where almost every evening in the summer days are held events and festivals. It houses some very interesting museums (the Museum of Button’s what impressed us most) but above the Tufa Caves. Here you can find more details.

[cml_media_alt id='5745']Bellaria Igea Marina - Gli scogli[/cml_media_alt]
Bellaria Igea Marina – Gli scogli

Places to stay with kids in Bellaria Igea Marina

Bellaria – Igea Marina is I think one of the most child-friendly where I have ever been. From the beach – with shallow water, children’s games and entertainment – to get to the country – where the supermarket will not struggle to find organic baby food and cookies – you can be sure that your children will be the protagonists. In fact, there’s lots of children, small and very small.

Unlike other countries in the Riviera then here there are no discos or “by night owls”, so it is perhaps a bit ‘boring for those looking for the “nightlife” of young but definitely childproof. Among the useful things that I’ve seen there are parking lots “pink” for expectant mothers and babies and the baby in the beach resorts.

What to do with children in Bellaria Igea Marina

  • Train: a small electric train runs between Bellaria and Igea, usually the children really like “running” and it ”s also a way to move from a place’ to another in minutes.
  • Gelso Park: a green area with games for children and a small “prehistoric valley” with the dinosaurs, a pond with ducks and some games for children.
    It is located in Igea Marina and is an excellent solution for the heat of the afternoon when you can not stay on the beach. The train stop is within walking distance.
  • Luna Park: active from July to Bellaria to the delight of the children but along Via Perugia stalls and rides for children enliven the night of the children … and parents!
[cml_media_alt id='3129']Il Porto di Classe - S. Apollinare Nuovo - Ravenna[/cml_media_alt]
Il Porto di Classe – S. Apollinare Nuovo – Ravenna

Places to stay in Italy with kids not far from Bellaria Igea Marina

The station of Bellaria is well connected by trains useful for those who want to visit the surroundings: Rimini has a beautiful old town, with the Malatesta Temple, the Surgeon’s House and the Roman Bridge. An alternative Ravenna is famous for its incredible mosaics: the station is not far from the center and a visit to the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placida, the Archbishop Museum and St. Apollinaris Nuovo will allow you to enjoy a few hours in some beautiful UNESCO sites. And if you want to give your children an exciting day how about a trip to Mirabilandia amusement park? I assure you that will not disappoint!

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