Visit Conero Riviera without a car

Numana is one of the most famous places of the Conero Riviera in the Marche Region.
Unfortunately during our holiday in Numana we were without a car, so we had to manage our vacation with public trasportation. And we survive! ūüôā

Usually I prefer travel with my car. So before leaving my question was: How visit the Conero Riviera without the car?
What I discover is that you can visit the Conero also without your car using public buses! That – that’s incredible – are efficient and guided by friendly staff.

So I try to summarize below some advice to organize a holiday in Numana by public transport. A sort of: How visit the Conero Riviera without a car.

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Conero by bus: Sirolo

Itinerary to visit the Conero without a car

During our vacation we stayed on the Conero Riviera in Marcelli, which is a suburb of Numana. From there we moved to visit the Conero by public transportation. Please remember that in that part of Marche Region public transportation means “buses” (no train available).
Below you can find some of the destinations to be discovered during a stay in Numana and surroundings.


Numana is a small town that you have to visit. In addition to the beaches worth going in Numana to visit the old town, made of colorful houses, and then stop at the Belvedere to admire the harbor.
If you want to stop, you can enjoy at the ice cream shop named “Morellini”, this shop have been in Numana from the ‘800 (And try the iced coffee!)

You can reach Numana by bus easily.  You can take one of the bus of the local bus company (named: Reni) or you can take one of the free buses that connect Marcelli with Numana.

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Conero by bus – Numana


One of the villages to be seen on the Conero Riviera is Sirolo. Sirolo is famous for its beaches but also for the breathtaking view enjoyed from the top.

Reach Sirolo without a car is easy: just use the bus line Reni. Or you can get to Numana with free bus and from there reach Sirolo on foot. It is a walk of about 15 minutes uphill.


Castelfidardo is a medieval town. Go there to visit the International Accordion Museum which host the largest accordion in the world still functioning.
To get to Castelfidardo by public transport you have to take the bus of the “Loreto Numana-line” and going to the direction of Loreto.


Regardless of religious belief I think that Loreto is a “major attraction” to be included in an itinerary in the Marche.
Loreto is famous for the¬†“Holy Mary’s house“. According to tradition this house was brought by angels in flight.
It is a site of a popular faith, the village is really small and pretty and if we come with the children can also participate in the visit to the walkways.

Loreto is about half an hour by bus from Numana and is the terminal of both lines: Osimo-Marcelli and Osimo-Loreto.


Ancona is a city that is worth the visit. And I tell you because, before you go there, I was convinced there was nothing to see!
If you feel like visiting Ancona you will find frequent buses from Numana (Ancona-Loreto) and Marcelli. The city is about an hour from the Conero beaches by public transport.
Once you arrived there go to visit the Passetto, the Mole Vanvitelliana and a stop at the Museum Tactile Omero.

Camerano Caves

Go to Camercano Caves takes about 30 minutes by bus from Numana (Ancona Loreto-line). Besides the village itself I recommend you visit the caves of Camerano, dug by man in ancient times, which really deserve.

Porto Recanati and Osimo

You can get both of them by bus from Numana and Marcelli. One is on Osimo Loreto-line and the other on the Loreto-Ancona. Osimo is famous for the man-dug caves that are worth visiting.

[cml_media_alt id='8230']Conero in Autobus - Loreto[/cml_media_alt]
Conero by Autobus – Loreto

Get to Conero beaches by public transportation

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the Region are in the Conero Ruviera. Don’t miss these beaches: “Spiaggia Urbani” (Urbani beach), “Spiaggia dei Sassi Neri” (black stones beach) and “Spiaggia di San Michele” (St. Michael beach). You can visit them by bus.

To get to these beaches go to Sirolo by¬†bus, from there you can go down to the beaches along the path through the public park (you can take St. Michael’s Beach in about 15 minutes on foot). The ride is shaded dirt although I do not recommend flip flops.

From St. Michael beach you can reach Urbani Beach by the sea and from there you have two choices: take the city bus that goes in Sirolo or one that goes in the direction Numana. Tickets can be purchased at the vending machine next to stop.

Another way to go to the most beautiful beaches of the Conero if you don’t have a car is take one of the boat that depart from Numana. From there you can reach the “Due Sorelle” (Two Sisters beach), and you’ll also get a bit ‘of time for swimming.

Other tips to visit Conero Riviera with public buses

Remember that in summer Numana municipality organizes a free bus service that connect the village, beaches and camping. These free buses are white or gray (not blue, like those of the Reni line).

You can buy bus tickets at news kiosk¬†or on the bus (with additional charge of 1 ‚ā¨). Reni is the name of the local bus company, the stops are clearly indicated.¬†I hope these tips can help those who want to organize a holiday in Numana without a car. And if you are looking for other tips to visit Marche Region you can find them here.

Hotels in Numana and Conero Riviera

We stayed at Centro Vacanze de Angelis in Marcelli, a small suburb of Numana. This camping has various solutions (bungalows, apartments or hotel) and it is very well organized for families. The beach is a five minute walk and around the camping there are restaurants and supermarkets.

This hotel can be reached by bus from Ancona. The nearest train station is Porto Recanati. Ask the front desk if you need a transfer from / to the village from the station or from the bus stop.

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