Expo Milano 2015 - L'albero della Vita

Visit Expo Milano 2015: tickets and tips

Expo2015, the international Expo Trade, takes place in Italy in 2015, since May 1st to October 31th. Due to the World Expo 2015 Milan City is full of interesting events and in my opinion this is an additional reason to visit the city. As I told you before in fact I love Milan and I think that it worths a visit. Expo Milano 2015 in a certain way changed the life of citizens: new highways and subways were opened due to Expo2015 and Milan is full of life and tourists from all over the world.

I’ve never been to a World Exposition before but I live very close to Milan and, for this reason, I’ve decide to buy one ticket to visit Expo2015. I choose to buy a night ticket that allows to enter into Expo Milano 2015 from 7 PM to 11 PM. Expo Milano 2015 Night Tickets cost 5 euros and for me this ticket was a sort of test. In fact I was very curious about Expo2015 but, before buying a full day ticket that cost almost 40 euros, I decided to go for a night and test it.

To be onest in order to visit ExpoMilano 2015 you need more than a night!  But I wanted to see if it was worth it and then, if necessary, come back an other time. So we did it, running, but we visited the World Expo 2015 and we were thrilled! So much so that we would like to come back soon, this time bringing all the family!
So today as well as tell you about our experience I would like to leave you some practical information for visiting Expo Milan at night. Why it’s worth it, at least in our opinion.

[cml_media_alt id='5932']Expo Milano 2015 - Il Padiglione Malese[/cml_media_alt]
World Expo 2015 – pavilions

Expo Milano 2015 tickets: is it a good idea buy the night ticket?

Here we start from here. I think – but it is obviously a personal opinion – yes, but only if  you want to get an idea of ​​the World Expo 2015 and, if necessary, return an other day. The night ticket of Expo 2015 in fact allows the entrance from 19.00 to 23.00 but most of the pavilions close almost all at 21.00 so do not expect to see all Expo Milano 2015 in an evening, otherwise you’ll be disappointed!

But I can tell you that the Expo2015 night ticket allows you to taste – literally – the trade, even tasting the delicacies from around the world, to get an idea if you can like it or not and also to be part of this global event.

A night to Expo Milano 2015: what you can do?

Obviously in a few hours you cannot see everything, but realistically, with the Expo night ticket you will be able to see some pavilions, to enjoy the atmosphere of Expo2015 and to taste some of the delicious cousine proposed by pavilions and restaurants. And of course you can attend one of the evening performances of the Tree of Life (in italian “Albero della Vita”) which are beautiful and take place from 21.30 onwards).

To give you an idea I tell you what we did. Entering at 19.00 o’clock we were able to visit three pavilions of Expo Milano 2015 (Russia, the US and the Pavilion Zero) and we have seen four others quickly (the Netherlands, Slovenia, Turkey and Italy). Then we enjoyed the  Tree of Life Show and we saw the most of the other pavlions outside. Finally we tasted different specialties buying some takeaway food.

[cml_media_alt id='5930']Expo Milano 2015 - Il padiglione cinese[/cml_media_alt]
Expo Milano 2015  pavilions: China

Expo Milano 2015 pavlions that you can’t miss

I didn’t see all the pavlions of Expo 2015  but I can tell you what I think you should not miss visiting Expo2015 in the evening. First of all, do not miss the Zero Pavilion. We loved it and it is a way to better understand what Expo Milano 2015 is. Then take a nice walk along the Decumano and admire the pavilions from outside, they are stunning. Finally do not forget to taste some of the many specialties offered by the various pavilions, after all, the theme of Expo 2015 is its “Feeding the planet” and we ate very well indeed. Finally, do not miss the spectacle of the fountains to the Tree of Life: it is a show with music, water, lights and fireworks very suggestive that takes place only in the evening.

Go to Expo Milano 2015 with kids

This time I have not brought my little son with me. As I said it wanted to “give it a try” and figure out whether it was worth it if it made sense to go with the kids at the Expo in Milan. The answer for us is positive: children are having fun at the Expo 2015, there are two areas dedicated to them, including a beautiful path that makes you want more returning children! There are also some “baby point” for change and even the Strollers Rent Point. And in fact, there were so many kids and we are planning another trip also bringing our baby.

If you visit Expo Milano 2015 with kids  you can visit the pavilions that are more child friendly so as to combine the needs of everyone: parents who want to visit Expo and children who want to play! Among those that we saw it we mark the Netherlands with “house of mirrors” and a small Ferris wheel (which you can get on and make a drink), Slovenia where there are swings and the Pavilion Zero with animals. And of course do not miss the show to the Tree of Life!

[cml_media_alt id='5934']Expo Milano 2015 - Il tramonto su Expo[/cml_media_alt]
Expo Milano 2015 : Tree of Life

Practical tips for visiting Expo 2015 in the evening

Here I try to summarize some practical advice based on our experience:

  • We went to Expo2015 on a Saturday night and there was really a lot of people. Therefore arrive well before 7.00 PM and make yourself immediately in line with controls. In this way you’ll gain a bit ‘of time.
  • Plan your visit in advance and decide which pavilions you do not want miss. To enter most of the pavilions of Expo Milan you will have to do a little ‘row so it’s best to optimize the time!
  • The pavilions close almost all to 9.00 PM while restaurants stay open longer. So it’s better to wait until 9.00 PM for dinner in order to maximize the time and choose the take away.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring a sweater. When we were there we went to Expo which was a few minutes at the end and it was cool. Also you will walk very much, though it seems, and I was sore the next day!

Visit World Expo in Milan: where to park and how to get it?

You can get Expo Milano 2015 in several ways: by car, by metro, by tram, by bus or by Expo shuttles. We reached Expo by car and we park to the parking of Molino Dorino Station. Then we took the Subway: the journey is short (they are 2 stops in all), the ticket costs 1.60 euro each way and the cost of parking from about 6.00 PM until Midnight was 2 euro.

Expo Milano 2015 tickets: costs and where to buy them

As I told the Expo2015 Night Ticket costs 5 euro. The Full Day Ticket costs 39 euros per person (full price) for an adult with open date. But there are discounts for students, families and old people. We are now looking for the best option – or cheaper – to go for a whole day! 😉

Expo Milano 2015 tickets can be bought on site at the ticket office, or from authorized resellers or online at the website of Expo 2015 in Milan. We have chosen this option which has proved convenient to skip the line, also we did not have to print the ticket, we just pass the smartphone with QR code reader at the ticket under the turnstiles.

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How to get Expo2015
So far our experience at Expo Milano 2015 and some practical tips that I hope will be useful. We are planning to come back because the exposure has impressed despite the short time available, this time we would like to bring our little boy and even grandparents, because it’s worth it. Then, as usual, we’ll tell you everything! 🙂

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