Africa? No, siamo allo Zoom di Torino

Visit the Zoom, a piece of Africa just near Turin

If you are wonder about things to do in Turin with children a good idea – overall in summer- is the Zoom Zoological Park. The Zoom is a wonderful zoo park reachable by car from Turin. It is not the usual zoo because here, the animals don’t live in cages but in special environments that simulate their original habitat.

The dream of his creator, who spend lot of time in Africa as a consultant, is to create an immersive park where animals can live in a way that remember as much as possible the natural areas, where different species share the same space, just as occurs in nature.

[cml_media_alt id='3847']Lemuri a portata di click[/cml_media_alt]
The Zoom – Lemurs in the Park
The experience with the lemurs, jumping between trees one step away from the cameras, the hippos that look at you through the glass, the many educational activities such as the one with the turtles or giraffes, make the Zoom capable of giving intense emotions to young visitors and at the same time allow them to understand how fragile the ecosystem is.

Children can understand the need of all contribution to preserve it, so that it will be possible to observe the animals in their environment in the future too.

[cml_media_alt id='3849']La spiaggia bianca dello Zoom[/cml_media_alt]
The white sand of the swimming pool of the Zoom

Practical information for visiting the Zoom Zoological Park in Turin with children

Where is the Zoom Zoological Park

The Zoom is located in the town of Cumiana, not far from Turin, and you can reach it by car. There is a free parking area available for visitors.

What to do in Zoom Zoological Park

In addition to the visit you can participate in talk or experiences with animals as the ones with the giraffe, with the turtles or the lemurs.

Very nice is the “show” with the eagles where children in the audience are  invited to call the birds that come to rest on their fist. If your children are not afraid to sit near the stakes: the big birds will pass right over their head.

There are also some playgrounds where you can entertain the children.

On a summer day you can combine a visit to the park with the swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by white sand and beyond a glass you can see the penguins swimming! But do not forget to bring your slippers, a towel and … bucket and spade for your small diggers!

The park stays open until late in the evening and if you buy the ticket for the park that include the access to the pool, the next day you can return to the park at no cost!

Where to eat into the Zoom Park

In the park there are several bars and restaurants but also many picnic areas.

Things to do in Turin: what you can’t miss not far from Zoom Park

The Zoom is very close to Turin a beautiful city former capital of Italy. There are many things to to in Turin: I suggest you to visit “Venaria Reale” Castle (Venaria Palace) is the kig’s old palace and it’s one of the UNESCO sites. Here some informations about the visit with children.

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