What to do in Italy: a Rome Segway Tours

Did you ever take part in a segway tour? I did it in Rome last March and I really enjoyed it and today I’ll tell you my experience. Segway tours became very popular in the last years in Italy so when I went in Rome last time I’ve decide to take part to a one of the private tours of Rome in order to see the city from a different point of view. Rome is a city that I love. I know, it does not take long to fall in love with this city, where you just get lost in its streets to be amazed to admire the monuments and churches that suddenly appear in the most unexpected, even among the tall buildings outside the historic center.

[cml_media_alt id='5474']Visitare Roma in un giorno - Francesca intenta a studiare il Segway prima del tour[/cml_media_alt]
Rome Segway Tour – the segway and me
Over the years I went back Rome several times and every time I tried to discover a little bit better, visiting a museum or a new area that I had not yet explored. The last time we came back – the third in two years – was last March and we decided to take part in a guided tour a little bit special: a Rome segway tour.

Do you know what a segway tour is? Well, a segway is a kind of big scooter that runs on electricity. The driver drive it while standing, shifting his weight, and the Segway, thanks to a series of sensors, can imitate human balance. For us a segway tour  was a double “first time”: it was our first time on a segway and it was also our first time in a private tour of Rome.

So at 16.30 o’clock we were presented at the meeting point to start our tour of Rome. Barbara was waiting for us with a smile and she gave us the equipment (headsets and helmets) and then put in our hands our segways inviting us to … push them to the nearby small square. The reason of this? Simply that before starting our segway tour of Rome we had to do a training session!

[cml_media_alt id='5477']Visitare Roma in un giorno - Il Colosseo, una tappa obbligata per chiunque passi da Roma[/cml_media_alt]
Rome segway tours – Barbara and Roberto at the Colosseum
I confess that I was a little bit scared from the “trainig session”. So go on the segway was not as easy as it seemed observing the many tourists who sped through the streets of Rome? The answer is no, but only in part. The Segway is based on balance and driving in a very intuitive, but when you go up the first time you do not believe. There aren’t in fact brakes – the speed is controlled by moving the pelvis – and you have to get familiar with the segway before they can launch in traffic of the city. Our orientation session – so is called the initial training – was, however, quick and easy and after a few minutes I had felt so safe to pull out his cell phone and take photos! At that point, according to our guide, we were ready to start our Rome segway tour.

The first stage were the Collosseum, then we stopped at the Circus Maximus and then “climb” up the Aventine Hill to observe from the Orange Garden one of the most beautiful views of the city. Then down again, the Mouth of Truth and the Theatre of Marcellus and again up to the Capitol and the Palatine. Our Rome segway tour lasted about three hours and at the end we realized that the time was literally flew, and that we would have liked to stay on board of “our” means to continue to explore the city!

[cml_media_alt id='5482']Visitare Roma in un giorno - La vista dall'Aventino e le spiegazioni della nostra guida[/cml_media_alt]
Rome segway tour: Barbara and me

City Segway Tours: useful information to take part in segway tour of Rome

Below I report the answers to some questions that have made us after we took part in our segway tour, hoping they can be useful if you plan to visit Rome by Segway. As I said I really enjoyed it!

What is a segway tour

A segway tour as we made it is is a guided private tour of Rome. You can see Rome in a short time, enjoing the best places and touristic attractions of Rome in 2 or 3 hours. Thanks to the segway you can move quick and see a lot of Rome tourist attractions in a short time.

How to participate to a Rome segway tour?

We planned our tour thanks to a specialist agency that organizes Rome segway tours. It’s called Italy Segway Tours and their offices are not far from the Column of Adriano. Italy Segway Tours provided us with all the necessary equipment (Segway, helmet and headset) and they organize different types of tour with different durations and even at night. In addition to the segway tours this Agency also offers tours by bike or on foot, with itineraries that combine historic visit to food and wine tours (wine , ice cream and pizza tour). If you are curious on their site you can find all the information to plan your tour in Rome but also in Milan and Florence.

Who can go on segways?

In order to take part in a segway tour you must have good mobility, in the sense of being able to get on and off by segway alone. For join a segway tour you don’t need any training but if after three hours on the segway you should be a little bit tired (but much less than if it had walked all the time!). In Italy there are limitations in the rental for age, height and weight (weighing between 45kg and 113kg, height of at least 1,40mt and age of at least 16 years).

[cml_media_alt id='5473']Visitare Roma in un giorno - Particolare del Colosseo[/cml_media_alt]
A segway tour of Rome: Colosseum

Why take part in a Rome segway tour?

In our case, the main reason to take part in a segway tour of Rome was the lack of time as well as the curiosity to try this experience. If you have few time the Rome segway tour with the guide can be a solution to visit it in a day, perhaps participating in the morning to the segway tour and seeing the rest independently in the afternoon. With Segways in fact we move quickly and without effort and you can view many tourist attractions Rome. Moreover, the Segway is really fun and easy to ride and the guided tour it is very interesting.

Is it dangerous take part in Rome segways tours?

When I posted on facebook pictures of our tour someone asked me if do segway tours in Rome is dangerous. I express a personal opinion and I think the segway is not at all dangerous, but obviously have to be careful because Rome is a very busy city so you need to pay attention to cars and pedestrians. The segway then could get to touch the speed of 40 km / h but our guide told us that they place a speed limiter to avoid that tourists inexperienced can whiz too fast.

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